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Novgorodoff Explores

Novgorodoff Explores "The Undertaking of Lily Chen"

Danica Novgorodoff discusses "The Undertaking of Lily Chen," an OGN that explores the ancient concept of ghost brides in a contemporary setting.

Danica Novgorodoff talks “Refresh, Refresh”

Danica Novgorodoff talks “Refresh, Refresh”

Fresh off her Eisner Award nominated debut graphic novel, “Slow Storm,” Danica Novgorodoff speaks with CBR News about her new graphic novel from First Second Books, "Refresh, Refresh."

Danica Novgorodoff talks

Danica Novgorodoff talks "Slow Storm"

Eisner-nominated creator Danica Novgorodoff talks about her new graphic novel "Slow Storm," about a firefighter who tries to help an illegal immigrant, survive a massive storm, and get over her own frustrations.