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Way Tells

Way Tells "EVE: True Stories" For Dark Horse

Daniel Way discusses playing historian and researcher for "EVE: True Stories," which covers real player-driven experiences in the popular online game.

My Way - 1/20/2014

My Way - 1/20/2014

After an unplanned hiatus, Daniel Way returns with the concluding chapter of his behind-the-scenes look at how he crafts stories.

My Way - 10/31/2013

My Way - 10/31/2013

Eschewing the usual "how to" wisdom espoused by so many, this week Daniel Way talks about his own writing process for writing stories.

My Way - 10/24/2013

My Way - 10/24/2013

Though he enjoys comic conventions, Daniel Way explains how an uncomfortable exchange with fans can be misconstrued as creator arrogance.

My Way - 10/17/2013

My Way - 10/17/2013

This week Daniel Way talks about life as a freelancer, and how sometimes your schedule is dictated by the almighty dollar -- whether you like it or not.

My Way - 10/10/2013

My Way - 10/10/2013

Daniel Way explains his DIY spirit, how it nearly destroyed his house while his daughter was being born, and how it all ties back into his approach to writing "Wolverine: Origins."

My Way - 8/29/2013

My Way - 8/29/2013

Daniel Way works himself through a bout of prepartem writer's block, explaining how the different circumstances between his daughter's birth and that of her older brother affect him on personal and professional levels.

My Way - 8/22/2013

My Way - 8/22/2013

In his latest column, Daniel Way discusses what drives a story forward and the situation that saw him cut back on Marvel titles and work on more creator-owned projects.

My Way - 8/15/2013

My Way - 8/15/2013

In Daniel Way's debut column for CBR, the fan-favorite "Deadpool" and "Gun-Theory" writer explores jumping in head first when it comes to new experiences and the very definition of the term "freelance."

EXCL PREVIEW: Deadpool Rises in

EXCL PREVIEW: Deadpool Rises in "Thunderbolts" #9

Marvel has provided CBR with an exclusivepreview of Daniel Way and Phil Noto's "Thunderbolts" #9. Tbolts member Deadpool is an unhappy camper on May 15.

EXCLUSIVE: Way & Proctor Formulate a New

EXCLUSIVE: Way & Proctor Formulate a New "Gun Theory" on Kickstarter

Writer Daniel Way and artist Jon Proctor spoke exclusively with CBR about the new, original graphic novel version of their creator-owned "Gun Theory" and why they're going the Kickstarter route to fund it.

EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Way Hands

EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Way Hands "Thunderbolts" Off To Charles Soule

CBR spoke with departing writer Daniel Way, incoming writer Charles Soule, whose short run on the book begins in July, and series editor Jordan D. White about current and upcoming developments in "Thunderbolts."

EXCL PREVIEW: Way & Noto's

EXCL PREVIEW: Way & Noto's "Thunderbolts" #7

Marvel has provided CBR with an excluive first look at incoming artist Phil Noto's "Thunderbolts" #7. Noto joins writer Daniel Way on the series as Frank Castle and Elektra's relationship escalates on March 27.

ECCC: Marvel's Pint O' C.B.

ECCC: Marvel's Pint O' C.B.

Creators from Matt Fraction to Mark Waid and from Brian Posehn to Daniel Way, an all-star lineup of Marvel Comics creators take the stage in Seattle, and CBR was on hand to catch the in depth discussion.

"Deadpool" Game Lands Mature Rating from ESRB

The ESRB has labeled Activision's "Deadpool" game with a Mature rating, revealing some of the Merc With A Mouth's one-liners and writer Daniel Way's basic core storyline.


Way's "Thunderbolts" Uncover Shadowy and Sinister Forces

The Thunderbolts' current mission to depose a gamma powered dictator is about to plunge them into a world of shadowy secrets and sinister forces. CBR News spoke with writer Daniel Way about the future of the series.

PRESS RELEASE: "Thunderbolts" is "Explosive" as Artist Phil Noto Joins Writer Daniel Way

Cable, Death Confirmed for

Cable, Death Confirmed for "Deadpool" Game

Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld has posted screenshots and artwork that confirm the appearance of Cable and Death in Activision and High Moon Studios' "Deadpool" video game.


EXCLUSIVE: Way Rains "Thunderbolts" Down on the Marvel Universe

The Red Hulk, General Ross, assembled a super powered strike team for a secret agenda in "Thunderbolts" #1 and CBR spoke with writer Daniel Way about the team and his long term plans.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Way & Dillon's "Thunderbolts" #1

The Marvel NOW! era continues as CBR presents an exclusive preview of Daniel Way and Steve Dillon's "Thunderbolts" #1. Red Hulk, Venom, Elektra, Deadpool and the Punisher team up December 5.


Way's "Thunderbolts" Head to Marvel NOW!

Writer Daniel Way discusses forming a new team of Marvel antiheroes for "Thunderbolts," featuring Red Hulk, Elektra, Venom, Deadpool and the Punisher as the newest public black-ops team in the Marvel Universe.

X-POSITION: Daniel Way Digitizes

X-POSITION: Daniel Way Digitizes "Deadpool"

"Deadpool" writer Daniel Way visits X-Position and answers your questions about the end of his run with the Merc With A Mouth and teases the upcoming "Deadpool" video game.

Way and Dillon Confirmed For Marvel NOW!

Way and Dillon Confirmed For Marvel NOW! "Thunderbolts"

Daniel Way and Steve Dillon will bring justice like lightning to "Thunderbolts" for Marvel NOW! in December, featuring a line-up of Punisher, Elektra, Venom and Deadpool led by Red Hulk.

Way & Dillon Set Target on Lightning For Marvel NOW!

Way & Dillon Set Target on Lightning For Marvel NOW!

Marvel has begun its teaser blitz for a second wave of Marvel NOW!, starting with Daniel Way and Steve Dillon targeting lightning for the newest teased series.

Everything We Know About Daniel Way's

Everything We Know About Daniel Way's "Deadpool" Game -- So Far

After hearing longtime "Deadpool" comic writer Daniel Way is handling scripting duties for the Merc with a Mouth's first solo game, CBR dug deeper to see what else we could uncover about Activision's CCI Surprise.


X-POSITION: Way Gives "Deadpool" New Life

"Deadpool" writer Daniel Way answers reader e-mails about the mercenary's new status in light of "Dead," and he gives tips on dental hygiene to X-POSITION. Plus exclusive art.

Wade Wilson Is

Wade Wilson Is "Reborn" In Way's "Deadpool"

CBR News spoke with "Deadpool" writer Daniel Way about the current "Reborn" story arc where the Merc With a Mouth discovers life without a healing factor is more dangerous than he thought.


X-POSITION: Way & "Deadpool" Take on the Avengers

"Deadpool" writer Daniel Way answers your questions about "Dead," battling the Avengers, and the problem with having a pretty face. Plus, exclusive art!

X-POSITION: Way Kills Deadpool in

X-POSITION: Way Kills Deadpool in "Dead"

Do you have questions about "Dead," the upcoming "Deadpool" arc? Writer Daniel Way gives you the answers you're dying for. All this plus loads of exclusive art!


EXCLUSIVE TEASER: "Deadpool" #50

Marvel reveals a CBR exclusive teaser image by "Deadpool" artist Carlo Barberi in anticipation of "Dead," written by Daniel Way and featuring the Uncanny X-Force, hitting in February.

Marvel Unveils Dave Johnson Cover for

Marvel Unveils Dave Johnson Cover for "Deadpool" #50

Marvel Comics has revealed both the solicitation information and Dave Johnson's cover for February's Deadpool" #50, a new arc by Daniel Way and Carlo Barberi titled "Dead."

NYCC: Way Puts the

NYCC: Way Puts the "Dead" in "Deadpool"

Dying isn't easy when you have a healing factor. Just ask Deadpool. But he'll give it one final go in arc called "Dead" this February. CBR spoke with writer Daniel Way about the tale.

Way Gets Evil in

Way Gets Evil in "Deadpool"

In "Deadpool" #44 the Merc With a Mouth comes face to face with his ultimate enemy, a patchwork monstrosity known as Evil Deadpool. CBR spoke with writer Daniel Way about the confrontation.

X-POSITION: Way Clowns Around with

X-POSITION: Way Clowns Around with "Deadpool"

"Deadpool" writer Daniel Way promises mayhem, malevolence, a musical and more for the Merc with a Mouth! Your questions, his answers and hints at things to come...



Marvel Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at Daniel Way and Salvador Espin's "Evil Deadpool!" The story kicks off in October's "Deadpool" #45.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Astonishing X-Men" #41

Marvel has released an early look at "Astonishing X-Men" #41 by Daniel Way and Nick Bradshaw. The "Monstrous" storyline concludes on Wednesday, August 31!

X-POSITION: Daniel Way on

X-POSITION: Daniel Way on "Deadpool," "Astonishing X-Men"

The writer of two X-books, Daniel Way discusses monsters, art, pop culture and Deadpool's rules for being a successful mercenary. You don't wanna miss this!

Way Institutionalizes

Way Institutionalizes "Deadpool"

When Deadpool provokes the Hulk into a fight, the resulting melee lands the Merc with a Mouth in a British insane asylum for super villains. CBR News spoke with writer Daniel Way about his plans for the book.

X-POSITION: Marjorie Liu & Daniel Way

X-POSITION: Marjorie Liu & Daniel Way

Writers Marjorie Liu and Daniel Way stop in for their final tag team X-POSITION and spill on the secret of Daken's characterization and a potentially cool team-up! All this, plus exclusive art and a surprise guest!

Rob Williams Takes Over

Rob Williams Takes Over "Dark Wolverine"

Marvel Comics has announced Rob Williams as the new writer of "Daken: Dark Wolverine" when he takes over the title from Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu with the release of May's special "Point One" issue.