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CCI EXCLUSIVE: Way On "Umbrella Academy" Series 2

My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way talks about "Umbrella Academy" series 2, the possibility of a big-screen adaptation, and his upcoming Comic-Con panel with Grant Morrison.

WW Philly: Way talks

WW Philly: Way talks "Dark Deception" Crossover with "X-Men: Legacy"

The coming months will see a number of big things happens in Daniel Way's “Wolverine Origins,” but the biggest has to be “Dark Deception,” a multi-part crossover with “X-Men: Legacy" co-written with Mike Carey.

WW Philly: Way Writes

WW Philly: Way Writes "Deadpool"

When Deadpool’s new series launches in September, he finds himself smack in the middle of “Secret Invasion” with Paco Media handling the art. Writer Daniel Way tells us what makes Deadpool tick.

X-POSITION: Daniel Way

X-POSITION: Daniel Way

In this week's X-POSITION, "Wolverine: Origins" writer Daniel Way answers your questions about his new "Deadpool" ongoing series, the end of "Origins," and mentions a green goliath. Plus, we have exclusive art from "Wolverine: Origins" #26.

NYCC: Daniel Way Talks About

NYCC: Daniel Way Talks About "Deadpool," "Secret Invasion"

This September, that loquacious gun for hire is back as a new "Deadpool" ongoing series launches. CBR news spoke with writer Daniel Way about the series which ties into "Secret Invasion" in a major way.