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In Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s directorial debut "This Is the End," the comedic collaborators corral their friends for an end-of-days tale that doubles as a hilarious deconstruction of Tinseltown narcissism.

Danny McBride Talks About

Danny McBride Talks About "This Is The End," "Eastbound & Down"

Talking with Spinoff Online at WonderCon Anaheim, "Eastbound & Down" star Danny McBride revealed the challenges of playing himself in "This Is The End" and teased the unexpected fourth season of his HBO comedy.


SPINOFF REVIEW: "Your Highness"

SPINOFF ONLINE gives Danny McBride's new movie "Your Highness" a passing grade, calling the "Eastbound and Down" star's medieval action comedy an adventure "you’re gonna freaking worship."

CBR TV @ C2E2: Danny McBride talks

CBR TV @ C2E2: Danny McBride talks "Your Highness"

Danny McBride spoke with Kiel Phegley about the inspiration behind his upcoming movie "Your Highness," working on the tie-in comic book prequel with artist Sean Phillips, his love for Garth Ennis' "Punisher" run and more.

Beechen Loves Danny McBride as “Hench”

Beechen Loves Danny McBride as “Hench”

Adam Beechen couldn’t be happier that his original graphic novel "Hench" is being made into a movie by Warner Bros. And the fact "Eastbound & Down" star Danny McBride is on board as the lead makes it even better.