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IN-DEPTH: Darick Robertson

IN-DEPTH: Darick Robertson

The co-creator of such hits as "Transmetropolitan" and "The Boys," Darick Robertson goes in-depth with CBR News about his career, from his first work on "Space Beaver" to his relaunch of "Wolverine" and more.

Gray & Palmiotti Talk

Gray & Palmiotti Talk "Prototype"

Prolific comics and games writers Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti talk to CBR News about "Prototype," their Darick Robertson-illustrated miniseries from WildStorm that ties-in to the upcoming game.

Garth Ennis Talks Jim Lee,

Garth Ennis Talks Jim Lee, "The Boys"

Garth Ennis weighs in on his former publisher Jim Lee's contribution to Dynamite's "The Boys" series and the foul-mouthed midway point he and co- creator Darick Robertson will reach in May's issue #30.

Ennis & Robertson Talk

Ennis & Robertson Talk "The Boys"

Co-creators Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson detail for CBR News their past and future plans for Dynamite Entertainment's #1 superhero satire, "The Boys," including two spinoff projects.

GET SOME: A Full Issue of

GET SOME: A Full Issue of "The Boys"

With the first Definitive Edition hardcover volume of "The Boys" in stores now, Dynamite Entertainment offers CBR readers a full chapter of the hit Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson series.

PRESS RELEASE: "Transmetropolitan" reissues start in March, 2009

Ennis & Robertson talk

Ennis & Robertson talk "The Boys"

Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson reveal to CBR their plans beyond the 9/11 shocker, unveil a peak at their uncanny new guest stars, and dive into the world of variant covers with John Cassaday and Howard Chaykin.