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Djurdjevic on âDark Reign: The List-Avengersâ

Djurdjevic on “Dark Reign: The List-Avengers”

“Dark Reign: The List-Avengers” hits stores this week and CBR News spoke with artist Marko Djurdjevic about his experiences working on the special issue, which kicks off a series of interconnected "Dark Reign" themed one-shots.

Fan Expo: Marvelâs Dark Reign Panel

Fan Expo: Marvel’s Dark Reign Panel

Marvel creators and editors met with fans Friday during Toronto’s Fan Expo to discuss the latest moves and machinations of Norman Osborn and more during the Dark Reign panel.

PRESS RELEASE: The Marvel Universe Begins Major Changes In "Dark Reign: The List-Avengers"

HeroesCon: "Dark Reign: The List" Panel

HeroesCon: "Dark Reign: The List" Panel

Marvel's "Dark Reign: The List" announcement at HeroesCon coincided with their Philly announcement of the same project as Bendis, Hickman and Fraction teamed up to discuss the project.

WWPhilly: Pak, Hickman & Aaron on âDark Reign: The Listâ

WWPhilly: Pak, Hickman & Aaron on “Dark Reign: The List”

Greg Pak, Jonathan Hickman & Jason Aaron reveal their plans to CBR for the Hulk, Secret Warriors & Wolverine in the "Dark Reign: The List" one-shots that pit Norman Osborn against the Marvel U.

WW Philly: Bendis, Fraction, & Remender on âDark Reign: The Listâ

WW Philly: Bendis, Fraction, & Remender on “Dark Reign: The List”

This September, a series of one-shots starring a host of Marvel characters make up Norman Osborn's “Dark Reign: The List.” We spoke with Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, and Rick Remender about Osborn's evil to-do list.

WWPhilly: Dark Reign Panel

WWPhilly: Dark Reign Panel

Marvel writers Dan Slott, Fred Van Lente & Greg Pak and editors gathered Saturday at Wizard World Philadelphia with the latest revelations on Norman Osborn’s plans