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Shelf Life - 1/24/2013

Shelf Life - 1/24/2013

This week Ron Marz examines the stigma often associated with licensed comic book titles compared to company-owned books and the perils of dealing with licensors unfamiliar with the medium.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEWS: "Angel & Faith," "B.P.R.D." #100 & More

Dark Horse has provided CBR with exclusive previews of "Angel & Faith" #15, "B.P.R.D." #100, "Star Wars: Darth Maul - Death Sentence" #4 and "Tarzan: The Once and Future Tarzan," on sale 10/31.

Taylor Gives

Taylor Gives "Star Wars" Villain Darth Maul a "Death Sentence"

"Star Wars: Blood Ties" writer Tom Taylor returns to the galaxy far, far away with "Darth Maul - Death Sentence," set after the Sith Lord's return in "The Clone Wars" animated series. We spoke with Taylor about the series.

Shelf Life - 2/23/2012

Shelf Life - 2/23/2012

Prompted by Lego destruction, Ron Marz examines the challenge of playing with someone else's toys when doing work-for-hire, and the balance between reverence and innovation.