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Covers of the Week -- March 21

Covers of the Week -- March 21

This week, John Carter returns to Barsoom, Princess Diana turns blacksmith, Aunt Kizzie goes back to her roots, Cliff Secord takes to the skies and Antlered-Zombie-Deer-Man...gives you the willies.

Alan Moore Elaborates His Stance on

Alan Moore Elaborates His Stance on "Before Watchmen"

"Watchmen" creator Alan Moore elaborates his negative opinion of DC's upcoming "Before Watchmen" prequel, calling the endeavor "desperate" and his original contract "creator-hostile."

JMS Addresses

JMS Addresses "Before Watchmen," "Babylon 5" Comparisons

Addressing one of the reactions to his involvement in DC Comics’ "Before Watchmen" project, J. Michael Straczynski has tackled the question, "How would you feel if Babylon 5 was being done without your permission?"

DC Releases All Eight

DC Releases All Eight "Before Watchmen" Covers

DC Comics has released hi-resolution images of all eight "Before Watchmen" covers, and ROBOT 6 has the full gallery for your Rorschach, Silk Spectre and Ozymandias viewing pleasure.

"Before Watchmen" Creators on Bold Moves, Alan Moore & More

In the wake of DC Comics' "Before Watchmen" announcement, ROBOT 6's Kevin Melrose has a round-up of quotes from various creators involved in the prequels, from Brian Azzarello to Darwyn Cooke and more.

DC Comics To Publish

DC Comics To Publish "Before Watchmen" Prequels

Brian Azzarello, J. Michael Straczynski, original "Watchmen" editor Len Wein and colorist John Higgins and more team to tell more stories from the world of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons 1986 classic. UPDATED with Moore's reaction.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW Announces "Rocketeer Adventures" Vol. 2 for March


5-STAR REVIEW: "The Shade" #4

Greg McElhatton gives James Robonson's "The Shade" #4 5 stars, calling the Darwyn Cooke/J. Bone-illustrated issue "a real gem..if only all comics were this good."

Comics A.M. - Comic Sales Climb 19%; IDW Promotes Goldstein

Comics A.M. - Comic Sales Climb 19%; IDW Promotes Goldstein

Direct market jumps 19% in November! IDW Publishing names Greg Goldstein as president! Ron Marz and Darwyn Cooke raising funds for charity! Jeff Lemire talks "Frankenstein"! Plus much more!

When Words Collide - 11/21/2011

When Words Collide - 11/21/2011

Tim tackles three big questions on the topics of Genre Avoidance, the Most Overlooked Influential Creator and Darwyn Cooke's Possible "Watchmen" sequel.

Robinson, Cooke & Bone

Robinson, Cooke & Bone "Shade" the DC Universe

CBR News connected with James Robinson, Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone to see if the comic book dream team would shed any light on the story of revenge, murder and betrayal featured in January's "The Shade" #4.

LBCC: Darwyn Cooke Talks About

LBCC: Darwyn Cooke Talks About "Parker"

Artist Darwyn Cooke spoke with fans at Long Beach Comic Con, openly discussing his work on the "Parker" comic book series for IDW, offering advice on how to adapt novels to comics and teasing future projects.

2011 Harvey Award WInners Announced

2011 Harvey Award WInners Announced

Darwyn Cooke, Roger Langridge and "Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer: Artist’s Edition" led the 2011 Harvey Awards, presented Saturday night in conjunction with Baltimore Comic-Con. ROBOT 6 has the full results.

Robinson Traverses Time and Space with

Robinson Traverses Time and Space with "The Shade"

Writer James Robinson spoke with CBR News about "The Shade," a 12-issue maxi-series spotlighting the anti-hero from the pages of "Starman" debuting in October from DC Comics.

Comics A.M. -

Comics A.M. - "The Walking Dead" Bookstore Streak; "Parker" Delay

"Naruto," "The Walking Dead" lead BookScan chart! Darwyn Cooke announces delay of "Parker: The Martini Edition"! A history of comics renumbering! Robert Kirkman talks Comic-Con! Plus much more!

PRESS RELEASE: Long Beach Comic Con Announces Guests Darwyn Cooke, Mark Waid, and More

Darwyn Cooke Discusses his Creator-Owned Digital Comic

Darwyn Cooke Discusses his Creator-Owned Digital Comic

In an exclusive interview at Boston Comic Con, Darwyn Cooke revealed some of the details of his first fully creator-owned work -- a digital graphic novel that's a love story with a twist.

WC11: IDW Goes Deluxe for Stevens &

WC11: IDW Goes Deluxe for Stevens & "Parker"

Editor Scott Dunbier spoke with CBR about IDW's upcoming collection of Dave Stevens' convention sketchbooks and Darwyn Cooke's oversized "Parker: The Martini Edition," featuring a new 10-page story.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Adam Beechen

THE BAT SIGNAL: Adam Beechen

Adam Beechen, the writer behind the new "Batman Beyond" ongoing series, returns to THE BAT SIGNAL to catch fans on up on how day-and-date digital and the future Justice League combine to draw in readers new and old.

PRESS RELEASE: Image's "Lorna, Relic Wrangler" Faces Off Against the Forces of Evil in March

PRESS RELEASE: Orlando MegaCon Announces 2011 Guest Updates



Courtesy of Kickstart Comics, CBR presents an exclusive extended preview of "Mirror, Mirror" by writer Joshua Williamason and artist Lee Moder with a Darwyn Cooke cover. The OGN hits stores tomorrow, November 17.


PREVIEW: "T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents" #1

DC Comics has released a preview of "T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents" #1 by Nick Spencer and CAFU with covers by Frank Quitely and Darwyn Cooke. The Agents enter the world of the DC Universe on Wednesday, November 10.

When Words Collide - 11/1/2010

When Words Collide - 11/1/2010

In this week's WHEN WORDS COLLIDE, Timothy reflects on some old-school literary theory and how it applies to an important little piece of crime fiction by the always-impressive Darwyn Cooke.

NYCC: Spotlight on Darwyn Cooke

NYCC: Spotlight on Darwyn Cooke

Despite a huge audience, Darwyn Cooke's New York Comic Con spotlight panel had an intimate feel to it as the artist of "Parker: The Outfit" spoke about his work, career and the relationships behind them.

Darwyn Cooke Nails

Darwyn Cooke Nails "The Outfit"

Eisner Award-winning creator Darwyn Cooke spoke with CBR about his latest Richard Stark adaptation, "The Outfit," why he feels Parker creator Donald Westlake would approve of the changes he made to the story and more.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW Debuts at New York Comic Con

Skottie Young, Darwyn Cooke & Comics for Kids

Skottie Young, Darwyn Cooke & Comics for Kids

Michael May wades into the latest discussion about "kid-friendly" superhero comics, sparked by recent comments from acclaimed "DC: The New Frontier" cartoonist Darwyn Cooke.

PRESS RELEASE: Darwyn Cooke’s Second Parker Novel Coming in October From IDW

DC Comics Goes to War

DC Comics Goes to War

On the eve of Memorial Day weekend, DC Comics announced a series of one-shots which will celebrate some of the publisher's most illustrious war-themed comics. CBR News spoke with some of the creators involved. UPDATED

PRESS RELEASE: "Parker: The Hunter" Now Available on iVerse

WC10: Darwyn Cooke Spotlight Panel

WC10: Darwyn Cooke Spotlight Panel

Saturday afternoon at WonderCon saw "Parker" and "New Frontier" creator Darwyn Cooke talk about his work, making Ed Brubaker rewrite the end of "Catwoman," and what it'd take to get him to draw superheroes again.

PRESS RELEASE: Darwyn Cooke’s Second Parker Novel to be Previewed at WonderCon

PRESS RELEASE: Darwyn Cooke to Appear at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

PRESS RELEASE: Megacon 2010 Announces Guests and On-Sale Dates

50 Kills for

50 Kills for "Jonah Hex" #50

The team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray discuss the semicentennial issue of "Jonah Hex" and the way they chose to celebrate - with the death of 50 men by the hands of the man blessed with the mark of a demon.

Cooke Heads West with

Cooke Heads West with "Jonah Hex"

The Eisner Award winning comic creator is back in the saddle again this week as the artist on "Jonah Hex" #50. Cooke shared his passion for the character and also provided an update on the next book in the "Parker" series, "The Outfit."

Fan Expo: Darwyn Cooke

Fan Expo: Darwyn Cooke

Canada's own Darwyn Cooke was placed in the spotlight at his very own discussion panel at Fan Expo Canada, where he discussed "Parker: The Hunter," "Jonah Hex," "The New Frontier" and more.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW to Reprint Darwyn Cooke's "The Hunter"

CCI: Darwyn Cooke

CCI: Darwyn Cooke

Venerable creator Darwyn Cooke and editor Scott Dunbier talked to fans at Comic-Con International about the "New Frontier" author's latest hit graphic novel from IDW Publishing, "Richard Stark's Parker: The Hunter."