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REVIEW: Aaron & Pastoras'

REVIEW: Aaron & Pastoras' "Thor: God of Thunder" #18

Jason Aaron and Das Pastoras present "a magnificent sample of collaborative excellence" with "Thor: God of Thunder" #18.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: There Be Dragons in

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: There Be Dragons in "Thor: God of Thunder" #18

Marvel's God of Thunder goes head-to-head with a dragon in Jason Aaron and Das Pastoras' "Thor: God of Thunder" #18


Aaron's "Thor" Battles Malekith the Accursed

Jason Aaron talks about Malekith, the antagonist in his current "Thor: God of Thunder" arc, the same villain featured in Marvel Studios' "Thor: The Dark World."

EXCLUSIVE: Gischler on “Wolverine: Revolver”

EXCLUSIVE: Gischler on “Wolverine: Revolver”

In the June one-shot, “Wolverine: Revolver,” Logan heads to Vegas on a mission that finds him putting a gun to his own head. In this exclusive interview, CBR News spoke with writer Victor Gischler about the project.

X-POSITION - Wolverine: Switchback

X-POSITION - Wolverine: Switchback

In lieu of a full-on X-POSITION, we bring you this week an exclusive preview of "Wolverine: Switchback," the January one-shot featuring new stories by Joseph Clarke & Das Pastoras and Gregg Hurwitz & Juan Doe.