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"Before Watchmen" Creators on Bold Moves, Alan Moore & More

In the wake of DC Comics' "Before Watchmen" announcement, ROBOT 6's Kevin Melrose has a round-up of quotes from various creators involved in the prequels, from Brian Azzarello to Darwyn Cooke and more.


EXCLUSIVE: JMS Talks "Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan"

In an exclusive first interview, J. Michael Straczynski tells CBR why "Before Watchmen" is a good idea with or without Alan Moore and how he views Dr. Manhattan. Plus, a first look at Adam Hughes' art for the project.

DC Comics To Publish

DC Comics To Publish "Before Watchmen" Prequels

Brian Azzarello, J. Michael Straczynski, original "Watchmen" editor Len Wein and colorist John Higgins and more team to tell more stories from the world of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons 1986 classic. UPDATED with Moore's reaction.


EXCLUSIVE: "America's Got Powers" Does Double Duty In April

The new Image series from Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch will ship both its first and second issue this April with variants from Dave Gibbons and Leinil Yu. CBR has the exclusive "America's Got Powers" scoop.


MILLARWORLD EXCLUSIVE: Inside "The Secret Service"

Mark Millar reveals the origins of cooking up the superspy story at the heart of Millarworld's "The Secret Service" with Matthew Vaughn as Dave Gibbons shows off color art from the project in a CBR exclusive.


EXCLUSIVE: "Supercrooks" Trailer Teases Year Of Millarworld

Mark Millar's plan for industry domination hits on two fronts in 2012 as the writer teases a full slate of new Millarworld art and exclusively debuts the live-action trailer for the "CLiNT" "Supercrooks" story.

Millar & Gibbons'

Millar & Gibbons' "Secret Service" Origins

From the original, slightly embarrassing letter a young Mark Millar sent to Dave Gibbons after "Watchmen" to Gibbons' new sketchbook work, the creators give CBR the exclusive early details of their new series "The Secret Service."

PRESS RELEASE: Millar Announces "Secret Service" Charity Auction

EXCLUSIVE: Millar & Gibbons Unveil

EXCLUSIVE: Millar & Gibbons Unveil "The Secret Service"

Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons show off the first art from their upcoming "The Secret Service" as Millar makes known his plans for a Millarworld blowout in 2012.

Millar & Gibbons Prep Big Reveal

Millar & Gibbons Prep Big Reveal

The final announcement of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons long-awaited collaboration is on its way in this week's "Superior" #6 as the 2012 wave of creator-owned Millarworld titles ramps up. CBR has the first teaser.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Rocketeer Adventures" #4

Courtesy of IDW Publishing, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Rocketeer Adventures" #4. Featuring covers by creator Dave Stevens and Alex Ross, the issue lands in stores August 31.

CBR TV @ CCI: Dave Gibbons on

CBR TV @ CCI: Dave Gibbons on "Watchmen," "Treatment" & More

Legendary creator Dave Gibbons spoke with CBR TV about his new comic work on "Treatment," his feelings on whether the "Watchmen" characters should interact with DC Comics' 52 Universes and much more.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEWS: "Dark Horse Presents," "Star Wars: Jedi - The Dark Side"

Dark Horse Comics has provided CBR with exclusive previews of "Star Wars: Jedi - The Dark Side" #4 and "Dark Horse Presents" #3, both of which hit stores August 24.

CCI: The U.K. Invasion Draws Battle Lines

CCI: The U.K. Invasion Draws Battle Lines

Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis, Dave Gibbons & other U.K. creators provide personalized accounts of their careers in the U.S. and abroad, while discussing the future during their CCI panel.

CCI: Watching the Men Behind

CCI: Watching the Men Behind "Watchmen"

Celebrating twenty-five years of "Watchmen," artist Dave Gibbons, colorist John Higgins and editor Len Wein looked back on the seminal work at Comic-Con International.

Millar Ramps Up Millarworld Comics

Millar Ramps Up Millarworld Comics

From the end of "Superior" to a simultaneous comic /movie plan for "Supercrooks" and from Dave Gibbons to Frank Quitely as collaborators, Mark Millar is going full steam ahead with creator-owned comics. Plus, exclusive art!

CCI: Dave Gibbons'

CCI: Dave Gibbons' "Little Black Book" Panel

"Watchmen" co-creator Dave Gibbons utilized the alphabet and his personal little black book to tell stories about his adventures as a comic book artist.


CCI: "Dark Horse Presents" Panel Recap

To celebrate Dark Horse Comics’ 25th anniversary, the publisher discussed the relaunched "Dark Horse Presents" anthology -- and a tale from Jim Steranko.

Dave Gibbons and Dream Sequences

Dave Gibbons and Dream Sequences

ROBOT 6's Matt Seneca dives into an elaborate, single-page Dave Gibbons-illustrated dream sequence from "Watchmen" #7

Shelf Life - 6/16/2011

Shelf Life - 6/16/2011

Ron Marz asks - and answers - the age-old comics question regarding the importance of story and art, using Gibbons, Williiams and Kirby to prove that the two should work hand in hand.


EXCLUSIVE: "Dark Horse Presents" Grows With Gibbons & Powell

Dark Horse Comics shares with CBR an exclusive first look at Dave Gibbons and Eric Powell's upcoming contributions to its flagship anthology, announced this weekend at Stumptown.

KAPOW: Millar Talks Four New Titles

KAPOW: Millar Talks Four New Titles

From a "Kick-Ass" spinoff starring fan favorite Hit-Girl to a Leinil Yu-drawn heist comic to mystery collaborations with big names like Dave Gibbons and Frank Quitely, Mark Millar tells CBR first his next year of plans for Millarworld.

PRESS RELEASE: "Turf" Concludes with Variant Covers by Gibbons and Kaluta

PRESS RELEASE: Win Your Design as the Kapow! Comic Con Brochure Front Cover

Millar & Gibbons Team For Mystery Comic

Millar & Gibbons Team For Mystery Comic

Two of the creators of "Kick-Ass" and "Watchmen" will team up in 2011 for a new comic series that Mark Millar has been hoping for since his teenage years, but the specifics will have to wait until the publicity prime of Kapow! Comic Con.

PRESS RELEASE: British Rocker Selling Original Art from "Watchmen" #1


Defend "Liberty" With Conan And Martha Washington

We spoke with "Liberty Annual" editor and CBLDF President Larry Marder as well as Dave Gibbons & Darick Robertson about the importance of freedom of speech and the continued work of the CBLDF.

PRESS RELEASE: CBLDF's Liberty Annual Arrives in October

PRESS RELEASE: Comic Fans Tweet to Meet "Watchmen" Creator Dave Gibbons

PRESS RELEASE: F.A.C.T.S. Convention Announces First Guests


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Elephantmen" #25

Image Comics has provided an exclusive look at "Elephantment" #25, on sale today, featuring a story by Richard Starkings and art by industry heavyweights including Gibbons, Braithwaite, Erskine, Portacio and more.

WC10: Gibbons, Jurgens, Morales and more on DCU: Legacies

WC10: Gibbons, Jurgens, Morales and more on DCU: Legacies

DC has announced artists J.H. Williams III, Dave Gibbons, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Rags Morales and Dan Jurgens are all contributing to the previously announced "DCU: Legacies."

Gibbons Discusses

Gibbons Discusses "Martha Washington"

June sees the release of the softcover edition of "The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the 21st Century," collecting the entire Frank Miller & Dave Gibbons saga. We spoke with Gibbons about the landmark series.

PRESS RELEASE: Dave Gibbons to Host Manga Studio Webinar

When Words Collide - 10/5/2009

When Words Collide - 10/5/2009

This week, Tim cracks open the immense, oversized collection by Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons, "The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the Twenty-First Century," and considers - among other things - the trouble with Martha.

PRESS RELEASE: Charles Cecil and Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons to host BAFTA screening



Dave Gibbons shares his thoughts on Kamandi while current “Prince Valiant” comic strip writer Mark Schultz joins us to discuss the majesty and influence of Hal Foster on "Wednesday Comics" and beyond.

Bristol: Gibbons & Higgins Talk Watchmen

Bristol: Gibbons & Higgins Talk Watchmen

Illustrator Dave Gibbons and colorist John Higgins discuss in-depth the creative process behind “Watchmen” -- the graphic novel and film -- at the Bristol Comic Expo.

Bristol: DC Universe Panel

Bristol: DC Universe Panel

CBR brings you a full report from DC Comics' panel at England's Bristol Comic Expo, featuring new details on "Blackest Night," "Adventure Comics" and more from Dan DiDio, Gary Frank, Dave Gibbons and others.

PRESS RELEASE: "Tales of the Black Freighter" Writer, Alex Tse Interview