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Dave Roman Returns with

Dave Roman Returns with "Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry"

Cartoonist Dave Roman discusses "Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry," his new book from First Second, and his experience serializing it online. Plus, a guide to the multitude of pop culture references in the book.

Blast Off with Roman's

Blast Off with Roman's "Astronaut Academy"

Cartoonist Dave Roman discusses transitioning "Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity" from the web to print, explaining what is "Teen Boat!" and sharing an exclusive look at this fall's "Nursery Rhyme Comics"

PRESS RELEASE: Kids Read Comics Festival Returns to Chelsea, MI

PRESS RELEASE: CAM Alternative Press Expo Party: Storytime! and Graphic Details

"X-Men: Misfits" Takes Mutants In A Manga Direction

Cartoonists Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier talk with CBR News about the unique challenges they faced in adapting Marvel's mutant heroes for Del Rey's manga line.