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Duggan's "Nova" Rockets Through "AXIS," "Black Vortex"

Gerry Duggan discusses current and future plans for "Nova," including a battle with Kluh, a confrontation with Carnage, a tie-in to "The Black Vortex" and more.

EXCL. PREVIEW: Marz, Rodriguez & Baldeon's

EXCL. PREVIEW: Marz, Rodriguez & Baldeon's "Skylanders" #2

Best-selling video game "Skylanders" continues its comic book adventures at IDW in a new issue by Ron Marz, David A. Rodriguez and David Baldeon.

EXCL. PREVIEW: Kluh Smashes as

EXCL. PREVIEW: Kluh Smashes as "AXIS" Spills Into "Nova" #24

Hulk's inverted counterpart Kluh clashes with a battle-weary Sam in this exclusive preview of Gerry Duggan and David Baldeon's "Nova" #24

Ron Marz & IDW Bring

Ron Marz & IDW Bring "Skylanders" Into their First Ongoing Comic

Ron Marz, Mike Bowden & David Baldeon talk turning Activision's "Skylanders" into a comic, confirm its ties to the upcoming "Trap Team" & more.

REVIEW: Duggan & Baldeon Take

REVIEW: Duggan & Baldeon Take "Nova" #18 Through "Original Sin"

Gerry Duggan & David Baldeon's "Nova" #18 is "yet another solid issue" that takes Sam Alexander through "Original Sin."

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Parker, Tobin Ruffle Feathers in

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Parker, Tobin Ruffle Feathers in "Angry Birds" #1

Rovio's gaming sensation comes to comics, and CBR has an exclusive preview of Jeff Parker and Paul Tobin's "Angry Birds" #1! UPDATED with new art, full credits!

PREVIEW: Duggan & Baldeon Expose

PREVIEW: Duggan & Baldeon Expose "Nova's" "Original Sin"

"Original Sin" rocks the life of Sam Alexander as the young hero faces a mystery in Marvel's "Nova" #18 by Gerry Duggan and David Baldeon, on sale June 18!

Duggan's Nova Feels the Pain of

Duggan's Nova Feels the Pain of "Original Sin"

Gerry Duggan talks about "Nova's" "Original Sin" tie-in, which finds Sam Alexander dealing with the Watcher's death, financial troubles the Nova Corps' secrets.

Marz, Bowden & Baldeon to Adapt

Marz, Bowden & Baldeon to Adapt "Skylanders" for IDW

Ron Marz, Mike Bowden and David Baldeon will adapt the bestselling "Skylanders" video game franchise into a comic book for IDW Publishing.


Duggan's "Nova" Stares Down Beta Ray Bill, Prepares for "Original Sin"

"Nova" writer Gerry Duggan discusses Sam's team-up with Beta Ray Bill and the series' direction as it heads into Marvel's "Original Sin."


Yost's "Scarlet Spider" Web-Swings Over to "New Warriors"

Chris Yost looks back at his run on "Scarlet Spider" and how the finale impacts Kaine Parker's role in the upcoming "New Warriors" series.

"Scarlet Spider" Ends in December, Ales Kot Joins "Secret Avengers"

Marvel Comics' December 2013 solicitations reveals that "Scarlet Spider" is ending its 25-issue run and recent "Suicide Squad" writer Ales Kot joins Nick Spencer as co-writer on "Secret Avengers."


Yost's "Scarlet Spider" Plunges "Into the Grave"

CBR spoke to "Scarlet Spider" writer Chris Yost about the arc beginning in today's issue #21, "Into the Grave," and pits Kaine against Kraven the Hunter and his dead clone "brother" Ben Reilly.

R.A. & Geno Salvatore Bring

R.A. & Geno Salvatore Bring "Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter" To Life

Father and son writing team R.A. & Geno Salvatore discuss their latest collaboration, "Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter," featuring dark elf Tos'un Armgo and the sentient, sadistic sword Cutter. Plus, exclusive art!

PRESS RELEASE: R.A. Salvatore Co-Writes "Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter" Miniseries

Rogue Battles Alien Entities & Worlds in Gage's

Rogue Battles Alien Entities & Worlds in Gage's "X-Men: Legacy"

CBR spoke with "X-Men: Legacy" writer Christos Gage about his plans for the series' lead character, Rogue, including a battle with the Phoenix Five and a trip to a bizarre alien world.

X-POSITION: Christos Gage Remains Neutral in

X-POSITION: Christos Gage Remains Neutral in "AvX" Conflict

Christos Gage answers your questions on writing both sides of the AvX conflict, the status of Rogue and Magneto's relationship and "The First X-Men." Plus, exclusive AvX throwdown art from "X-Men Legacy" #269!


Gage's "X-Men Legacy" Goes on an Exodus

CBR News spoke with "X-Men: Legacy" writer Christos Gage about his plans including a battle with Exodus, an encounter with two former Dark X-Men, and an "Avengers Vs. X-Men" tie-in.

NYCC: Gage Leaves his

NYCC: Gage Leaves his "Legacy" on the X-Men

"X-Men: Schism" is over and a new era has begun for mutants. Following the announcement at NYCC, CBR News spoke with new "X-Men Legacy" writer Christos Cage about exploring this era.

PRESS RELEASE: Christmas Comes Early This Year With "Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol"

McGuinness Covers Oversized

McGuinness Covers Oversized "Avengers Academy" One-shot

Marvel has announced "Avengers Academy Giant-Size" #1, an 80-page original story by Paul Tobin and David Baldeon with a cover by Ed McGuinness. The oversized one-shot hits in May.

McKeever Enlists

McKeever Enlists "Young Allies"

Firestar, Araña, Gravity and other young heroes team up with Nomad for a Heroic Age ongoing series set to define a new generation of Marvel heroes, as the Young Allies battle a coalition called the Bastards of Evil.

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