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Archaia Joins comiXology with

Archaia Joins comiXology with "Days Missing"

Gene Rodenberry's "Days Missing" graphic novel series is now available as a digital comic through a new deal forged between Archaia Entertainment and comiXology.

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PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Announces San Diego Comic-Con Signing and Appearance Schedule

Days Missing and Non-Serial Series

Days Missing and Non-Serial Series

Over at ROBOT 6, Michael May looks at Archaia and Roddenberry’s "Days Missing" series, and asks fans for suggestions of self-contained adventure stories.

PRESS RELEASE: "Days Missing" Vol. 2 to Premiere at Comic-Con

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Announces Wondercon Plans

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Distributes "Days Missing" Digitally Exclusively on iVerse

"Days Missing" Heads to South America with Matz

Archaia's ongoing series deals with Hernan Cortez and the subjugation of an entire race as depicted by writer Matz in the French author's first work created specifically for an English-speaking audience.

Hine & Edginton Talk

Hine & Edginton Talk "Days Missing"

“Days Missing” writers David Hine and Ian Edginton talk to CBR News about the Archaia series that asks the question, if you could erase a day of human history, would you do it? The writers also answer that question themselves.

CCI: Archaia/Roddenberry Productions Panel

CCI: Archaia/Roddenberry Productions Panel

Archaia Comics and Roddenberry Productions team up to discuss their new project “Days Missing,” along with a small discussion on Archaia Comics’ titles “Titanium Rain” and “Starkweather Immortal.”

David Hine Joins Roddenberry's

David Hine Joins Roddenberry's "Days Missing"

David Hine joins Phil Hester & Frazer Irving on "Days Missing" from Archaia & Roddenberry Productions. We spoke with Roddenberry's Trevor Roth and Archaia's Stephen Christy about the book.

WWPhilly: Archaia Returns Panel

WWPhilly: Archaia Returns Panel

Coming back after a brief hiatus, the company formerly known as Archaia Studios Press shed some light on their upcoming projects, including a partnership with Roddenberry Studios.

Frazer Irving on “Days Missing”

Frazer Irving on “Days Missing”

Archaia & Roddenberry Productions' “Days Missing” is a about major events surgically excised from history. Each issue features a different creative team, with Phil Hester & Frazer Irving kicking things off. We spoke with Irving.