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DC Nation Comes To Cartoon Network

DC Nation Comes To Cartoon Network

A new partnership between Warner Bros. subsidiaries DC Entertainment and Cartoon Network will launch next year as the kids cable giant will host a block of TV content featuring the heroes of the DC Universe.

SPINOFF: Snyder's

SPINOFF: Snyder's "Superman" Starts Fresh

Director Zack Snyder intends to approach his upcoming "Superman" movie as if it were the first, ignoring the five versions which have hit the silver screen previously. SPINOFF has more.


VIDEO: "Batman: Arkham City" Gameplay Trailer

Warner Bros and DC Entertainment have released a trailer featuring the first look at gameplay footage from "Batman: Arkham City." The Rocksteady Studios game is slated for release on October 18, 2011.

Johns Declares

Johns Declares "Sandman" TV Adaptation "Awake"

DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has publicly declared the "Sandman" TV project alive and well while promoting creator Neil Gaiman's involvement. SPINOFF has details.


VIDEO: "Young Justice" Visits Scenic Bialya

Cartoon Network has released video clips and screenshots from this weeks' upcoming episode of "Young Justice" which finds the team in the country of Bialya with no memory of how they got there or why.

Elwes Joins

Elwes Joins "Wonder Woman" Cast

Actor Cary Elwes will reportedly star opposite Adrianne Palicki in David E. Kelley’s "Wonder Woman," playing the CEO of Themyscira Industries who oversees the day-to-day operations while Diana fights crime. SPINOFF has details.

"Batman Live" Story Details Revealed

DC Entertainment has revealed that the story told in the "Batman Live" stage show will focus on Dick Grayson's origin, as he becomes Batman's teen sidekick, Robin. "Batman Live" opens in London in July, 2011.

"All Star" Interview: Sam Liu

"All Star Superman" director Sam Liu spoke with CBR News about his nervousness in adapting the critically acclaimed comic to animated movie, the scenes he wishes he could have included in the film and more.

SPINOFF: Lynda Carter Believes in Kelley's

SPINOFF: Lynda Carter Believes in Kelley's "Wonder Woman"

Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman for three seasons from 1975 to 1979, believes it’s time for a revival for the Amazonian princess and feels David E. Kelley will do the character justice.


VIDEO: "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights" Trailer

Warner Home Video and DC Entertainment have released the first trailer for “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.” Starring Nathan FIllion as Hal Jordan, "GL:EK" is the next feature in the DC Universe line of animated movies.


EXCLUSIVE: "All Star Superman" Clip

Actor Anthony LaPaglia, who plays Lex Luthor in Warner Brothers Animation and DC Entertainment’s new “All Star Superman” animated feature, provides the introduction for this CBR-exclusive clip from the movie.

Timm, Romano, and Liu Talk

Timm, Romano, and Liu Talk "All Star Superman"

After "All Star Superman's" world premiere in Los Angeles, CBR spoke with executive producer Bruce Timm and directors Sam Liu and Andrea Romano about the newest addition to the line of DCU animated films.

"All Star" Interview: Christina Hendricks

Actress Christina Hendricks spoke with CBR News about taking on the role of Lois Lane in the animated adaptation of "All Star Superman" and the overall experience of her very first voiceover work.

"All Star" Interview: Grant Morrison

The writer of "All Star Superman," Grant Morrison, spoke with CBR and took a look back at his iconic Superman tale, the story's upcoming animated adaptation and possible future "All Star" plans for the Man of Steel.

McDuffie, Denton & Gubler Talk

McDuffie, Denton & Gubler Talk "All Star Superman"

CBR News spoke with writer Dwayne McDuffie and actors James Denton and Mathew Gray Gubler about their experiences working on DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers Animation's "All Star Superman."

"All Star" Interview: Dwayne McDuffie

CBR spoke with Dwayne McDuffie about the "All Star Superman" animated film and the veteran scribe discussed adaptations versus original creations and how writing this version of the Man of Steel compares to others.

DC Comics & WB Premiere

DC Comics & WB Premiere "All Star Superman"

The halls of Los Angeles' Paley Center for Media flooded with comic and animation fans as DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers held the West Coast premiere of their newest animated DVD, "All Star Superman."


New "Batman: Arkham City" Screenshots Show Joker, Harley Quinn

Warner Bros. and Rocksteady Games have released four new screenshots from the heavily anticipated "Batman: Arkham City" featuring Batman, Harley Quinn and the Joker in all his demented glory.

PHOTO PARADE: Green Lantern, Walking Dead & More

PHOTO PARADE: Green Lantern, Walking Dead & More

CBR's second Toy Fair photo parade features "The Walking Dead" from McFarlane Toys, Green Lanterns galore, the debut of "Young Justice" in action figure form, new Thundercats figures and more!

DC Names New SVP of Publicity

DC Names New SVP of Publicity

DC Entertainment has named Courtney Simmons Senior Vice President of Publicity, placing the former Disneyexcutive in charge of promoting DC's various franchises in publishing, movies, video games and more.


SPINOFF: "Green Lantern" Video Game Trailer Debuts

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have released the first trailer for "Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters," the action-adventure video game set to debut in conjunction with the feature film. SPINOFF has the clip.

DC Announces

DC Announces "Green Lantern" Comic Prequels

The screenwriters of the incoming Ryan Reynolds actioner will team with Geoff Johns and DC's "Green Lantern" team for five comic prequels to the film shipping day-and-date with digital a month before the movie opens.

Dini Takes Readers to

Dini Takes Readers to "Arkham City" in Comic Tie-in

DC Comics has announced a six-issue tie-in to the upcoming "Batman: Arkham City" video game. Scripted by game writer Paul Dini and illustrated by concept artist Carlos D'anda, the series launches in May.

Christina Hendricks Attending

Christina Hendricks Attending "All Star Superman" NY Premiere

The voice of Lois Lane, Christina Hendricks will be attending the sold out February 14 world premiere of Warner Bros. Animation's "All Star Superman" at The Paley Center for Media in New York.

Fillion Voices Hal Jordan in

Fillion Voices Hal Jordan in "GL: Emerald Knights"

Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment have tapped "Castle" star Nathan Fillion to provide the voice of Hal Jordan in the upcoming DC Universe Animated Original Movie "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights."

Rocksteady Releases New

Rocksteady Releases New "Arkham City" Screenshots

Rocksteady Studios and DC Entertainment have released new screenshots from the upcoming "Batman: Arkham City" video game scheduled to hit consoles and PCs in Fall 2011.

Weisman & Vietti On The Age of

Weisman & Vietti On The Age of "Young Justice"

Series producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti explain how they turned a teen team towards black ops, how "Young Justice" delivers realism in the DC Universe and the possibility of crossing over with Conan O'Brien.

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "DC Universe Online"

The potential was there for "DC Universe Online" to claim the title of the definitive super hero MMO, but the game has problems and that leaves the door open for any number of challengers to claim the crown.

Anne Hathaway Is Selina Kyle In

Anne Hathaway Is Selina Kyle In "Dark Knight Rises"

The star of such films as "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Brokeback Mountain" will join Christian Bale for the next installment of Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise as the eventual Catwoman along with Tom Hardy's Bane.


VIDEO: "Young Justice" Clips, Screencaps

Cartoon Network and DC Entertainment have released a slew of screencaps and a pair of video clips from this week's all new episode of "Young Justice."

VIDEO: New Screenshots, Clip from

VIDEO: New Screenshots, Clip from "All-Star Superman"

Warner Home Video has released new screenshots and a clip featuring Superman confronting Luthor from the upcoming "All-Star Superman," the studios' latest entry in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series.

Tomar-Re Previewed In

Tomar-Re Previewed In "Green Lantern"

The peace-keeping Green Lantern from the original comic series makes his way to the big screen in a special tease from Geoff Johns' recent comics that's been making the rounds online.

CBR Previews the

CBR Previews the "DC Universe Online" Beta

We jumped in, flew around and dropped a few arch-enemies as the "DC Universe Online" beta went into full swing, offering players a chance to customize their characters, battle villains and run alongside the Flash.

"DC Universe Online" Gets Official Release Date

Sony Online Entertainment and DC Entertainment have announced January 11, 2011 as the official release date for the delayed and heavily anticipated "DC Universe Online" video game.


VIDEO: "Batman: Arkham City" Teaser

Rocksteady Studios, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Interactive have released the first official teaser trailer for the heavily anticipated "Batman: Arkham City" video game, due in stores Fall, 2011.

PRESS RELEASE: Amit Desai Named SVP – Franchise Management, DC Entertainment

Nolan Says Batman Run Ends With

Nolan Says Batman Run Ends With "Rises"

Though still in pre-production, the incoming "Dark Knight Rises" feature will be Christopher Nolan's final Batman movie chapter as he preps an "Inception" video game.

Warners, Nolan And Snyder Search For Superman

Warners, Nolan And Snyder Search For Superman

Relaunch producers Christopher Nolan & David Goyer along with director Zack Snyder are ramping up their search for the next Superman with an eye towards a no-name actor.


POLL: "Green Lantern" Trailer Reaction

Warner Bros and DC Entertainment's trailer for "Green Lantern" debuted last night, and CBR wants to know your reaction to the first full look at Ryan Reynolds' Hal Jordan and the rest of the Corps.

Enter Poison Ivy's Lair in

Enter Poison Ivy's Lair in "DCU Online"

Sony Online Entertainment and DC Entertainment have released new images from "DC Universe Online" MMO, including looks at Gorilla Island, the Ulta-Humanite, Poison Ivy's lair, J/onn Jonzz and more.