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Keatinge Leaves

Keatinge Leaves "Glory," Returns With "Hell Yeah" in 2013

Writer Joe Keatinge discusses his second arc on the creator-owned "Hell Yeah," the end of his run on Image Comics' "Glory," his first Marvel work and the importance of kicking ass.

Keatinge Joins The Outlaws For

Keatinge Joins The Outlaws For "DC Universe Presents"

"Glory" and "Hell Yeah" writer Joe Keatinge speaks about his upcoming Arsenal and Starfire stories in DC Comics' anthology series, "DC Universe Presents" drawn by newcomer comics artist Ricken.

Keatinge & Dallocchio Take On Starfire for

Keatinge & Dallocchio Take On Starfire for "DC Universe Presents"

Writer Joe Keatinge and artist Federico Dallocchio take on Starfire in the pages of "DC Universe Presents" #18, bringing readers a closer look at the Tamaran princess in the New 52.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Nicieza's "DC Universe Presents" #12

DC Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of "DC Universe Presents" #12 by Fabian Nicieza and Jorge Jimenez. The solo adventures of Kid Flash begin August 15.

EXCLUSIVE: Andreyko Sees Black & Blue In

EXCLUSIVE: Andreyko Sees Black & Blue In "DC Universe Presents"

Writer Marc Andreyko gives CBR the exclusive word on his new five-part Blue Devil and Black Lightning story debuting in October's "DC Universe Presents" #13

Fabian Nicieza

Fabian Nicieza "Presents" Kid Flash

Writer Fabian Nicieza spoke with CBR about his Kid Flash-centric issue of "DC Universe Presents," how it ties into the current "Teen Titans" storyline and the insight it may provide into the New 52's Bart Allen.


REVIEW: "DC Universe Presents" #9

Doug Zawisza gives "DC Universe Presents" #9 by James Robinson and Bernard Chang 4.5 stars saying, "Robinson has personally redeemed the title and cultivated my interest in Vandal Savage."

DiDio Discusses

DiDio Discusses "DC Universe Presents: Challengers Of The Unknown"

DC Co-Publisher and "DC Universe Presents: Challengers Of The Unknown" writer Dan DiDio talks about his story, Jack Kirby and the goal for the anthology. Plus, an exclusive look at the story's final chapter!

Robinson Takes Vandal Savage To

Robinson Takes Vandal Savage To "DCU Presents"

The writer behind "The Shade" and the upcoming "Earth 2" reinvents another DC Comics Golden Age villain with an FBI thriller in "DC Universe Presents" as James Robinson writes Vandal Savage for Bernard Chang.


EXCLUSIVE: DiDio Takes "Challengers of the Unknown" Into "DCU Presents"

The original adventure team of the DCU faces certain death, giant monsters and reality TV in a new "DC Universe Presents" arc by Dan DiDio and Jerry Ordway, and CBR has the first word from DC's Co-Publisher.


REVIEW: "DC Universe Presents" #1

Greg McElhatton gives "DC Universe Presents" #1 4 stars, saying the Deadman-starring title by Paul Jenkins and Bernard Chang contains "one of the better [cliffhangers] from the DC re-launch to date."

Jenkins Defines Deadman in

Jenkins Defines Deadman in "DC Universe Presents"

Writer Paul Jenkins spoke with CBR News about his Deadman story for "DC Universe Presents," exploring the concept of existentialism in the DCU and his and artist Bernard Chang's take on Boston Brand.


EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: "Wonder Woman," "DC Universe Presents" #3 Covers

DC Comics has provided CBR News with an exclusive first look at the covers and solicitation copy for "Wonder Woman " and "DC Universe Presents" #3.

DC Unveils Creators, Covers For 10 Relaunch Titles

DC Unveils Creators, Covers For 10 Relaunch Titles

Brian Azzarello spearheads "Wonder Woman," Francis Manapul writes "Flash" and heroes from Firestorm to Hawkman get new origins as DC shows off art from the first ten of 52 new series.

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