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Touring "DCU Online" Home Turf with Creative Director Jens Andersen

Creative Director Jens Andersen takes CBR on a tour of Sony Entertainment Online's latest "DC Universe Online" DLC, Home Turf, explaining the ins and out of Lairs, Sidekicks and PvP Battles.

"Ra's Al Ghul's Revenge" Hits DCU Online

Sony Online Entertainment hosted a roundtable interview with "DC Universe Online" game directors to discuss the next content update, "Ra's Al Ghul's Revenge," and the Swamp Thing spring event. UPDATED with new screenshots.

Lee on the Beginning of

Lee on the Beginning of "DC Universe Online"

One month in and an army of characters later, CBR News spoke with Jim Lee about "DC Universe Online's" PC and PS3 launch, fan reaction, February's new content and how it all expands the DC brand.