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Williamson's "Dear Dracula" Gets Animated for Halloween

Writer Joshua Williamson spoke to CBR News about the process of adapting his 2008 OGN "Dear Dracula" into an animated film, working with Ray Liotta, and teased more creator-owned projects.

Joshua Williamson's Comics, TV & Film

Joshua Williamson's Comics, TV & Film

His Desperado series “Necessary Evil” is in development at Cartoon Network, and his all-ages “Dear Dracula” just got optioned as a film. CBR talks to Joshua Williamson about comics and Hollywood.

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Williamson Addresses Dear Dracula

Williamson Addresses Dear Dracula

Step aside, Santa Claus, because it’s Halloween and there’s one little boy who’s writing a letter that starts with the words “Dear Dracula.” Writer Joshua Williamson talks to CBR about his unique children’s graphic novel.

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