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Brad Meltzer Hunts

Brad Meltzer Hunts "The Fifth Assassin"

With his latest novel, "The Fifth Assassin," writer Brad Meltzer finds the thread that links presidential assassins from John Wilkes Booth to Lee Harvey Oswald, launches his first sequel and give out decoder rings.

"Decoded" is Brad Meltzer's Real "National Treasure"

Bestselling author and comics writer Brad Meltzer spoke with SPINOFF ONLINE about the mysteries waiting to be uncovered in the second season of his television series "Decoded."

Meltzer Gets

Meltzer Gets "Decoded"

Novelist and award-winning comic scribe Brad Meltzer takes the biggest mysteries from his notes and spins them into a new History Channel series uncovering secrets from the White House to the grave of John Wilkes Booth.