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PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater Leaves Diamond, Partners With Comic Flea Market For New Distribution

PRESS RELEASE: iVerse and Diamond Announce "Digital Comics Reader" App for iOS and Android

PRESS RELEASE: Valiant Entertainment Inks Exclusive Distribution Deal with Diamond

PRESS RELEASE: Diamond Digital Aims for September Launch

PRESS RELEASE: Diamond Announces New PX Wear Line, Exclusive to Comic Shops

PRESS RELEASE: IDW Achieves Premier Status with Diamond

Diamond's December Skip Week

Diamond's December Skip Week

In a highly unusual if not unprecedented move, Diamond Comic Distributors informed retailers today that it will not ship new comics in the fifth week of December. CBR News has the details.

PRESS RELEASE: Diamond Announces Seven Limited Exculsives for SDCC 2009

PRESS RELEASE: IDW Publishing Named One of Diamond's Top 3 Publishers

Lying In The Gutters - 2/9/2009

Lying In The Gutters - 2/9/2009

Rich has news from NYCC about an artist who's not pleased about the announcement of his new project, Bendis borrows a play from Millar, the return of the Aardvark (sort of), more Diamond minimums fallout, and an engagement!

MAYO REPORT: December 2008 Sales Analysis

MAYO REPORT: December 2008 Sales Analysis

Marvel once again dominated the sales figures in December 2008, with their highest dollar amount since 2003. Also, John discusses which titles are likely to be affected when Diamond's new cutoff levels kick in this year.