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SDCC: "Transformers Prime" Enters its Final Season

From the introduction of the Predacons to Bumblebee finally finding his voice, "Transformers Prime" fans were treated to all kinds of surprises and news about the future of their favorite cartoon at SDCC.

Barber Plots the Rise of Bumblebee and

Barber Plots the Rise of Bumblebee and "Fall of Cybertron" for IDW

Writer John Barber discusses his upcoming IDW "Transformers" one-shots, "Spotlight: Bumblebee" & "Fall of Cybertron," plus his plans for the Bumblebee-led "Transformers" ongoing series, "Robots in Disguise."

Furman Talks “Maximum Dinobots”

Furman Talks “Maximum Dinobots”

CBR News talks to long-time Transformers writer Simon Furman about IDW Publishing's “Maximum Dinobots,” which pits the titular robots about Scorponok and his Headmaster army.

PRESS RELEASE: Dinobots take the spotlight in IDW's new Transformers series