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Williams Explores Superpower Distribution in

Williams Explores Superpower Distribution in "Ordinary" and "The Royals"

Rob Williams discusses bringing super-powers to Buckingham Palace in Vertigo's "The Royals" and giving them to all but one in Titan's "Ordinary."

"2000 AD" Reignites Edginton’s "Brass Sun"

"2000 AD" Steampunk series "Brass Sun" recently debuted its sequel and the writer spoke to CBR about where Wren is headed -- plus teases more "Stickleback."

D'Israeli Illustrates A Story Less

D'Israeli Illustrates A Story Less "Ordinary" for 2000 AD's "Megazine"

Fan-favorite "2000 AD" artist D'Israeli discusses his and co-creator Rob Williams' upcoming "Judge Dredd Megazine" series "Ordinary," the origin of his unique penname, his eclectic artistic influences and more.

Ian Edginton Returns to

Ian Edginton Returns to "Stickleback: Number of the Beast"

"2000 AD" stalwart Ian Edginton tells CBR about the return of Cockney steampunk superfiend Stickleback, working with artist D'Israeli and reveals how his "2000 AD" titles are part of a shared multiverse.

Ian Edginton Constructs A

Ian Edginton Constructs A "Brass Sun" for "2000 AD"

Edginton spoke with CBR News about his new "2000 AD" steampunk fantasy "Brass Sun," working with artists and co-creators I.N.J. Culbard and D'Israeli on the project and how he broke into comics.

Moore & Reppion Go

Moore & Reppion Go "Scouting for Bots"

Leah Moore & John Reppion spoke with CBR News about their new "Judge Dredd Megazine" story "Scouting for Bots," growing up on "2000 AD" and their take on "Before Watchmen."

PRESS RELEASE: Leah Moore and John Reppion Make "2000 AD" Debut March 28