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"John Carter" Producer Jim Morris Embraces "Pulp Shakespeare"

"John Carter" producer Jim Morris talks with SPINOFF ONLINE about the Disney action-adventure, his fondness for Edgar Rice Burroughs' century-old pulp classic and his hopes for a movie trilogy.



In the hands of Pixar director Andrew Stanton, Disney's "John Carter" is a satisfying sci-fi adventure that brings modern audiences all the spectacle of old Hollywood historical epics.

"John Carter’s" Dominic West on Fake Tans and "Star Wars" Fans

"The Wire" alum Dominic West spoke with SPINOFF ONLINE about acting alongside Mark Strong in Disney’s action-adventure "John Carter" and encountering devoted "Star Wars" autograph collectors.

Punisher War Zone: The CBR Review

Punisher War Zone: The CBR Review

With phrases like "hyper-violent," "twisted," "blood-spatter," and "well-timed gore," CBR's Erik Amaya says the third attempt at a screen version of the Punisher is mostly everything you want from a Punisher movie.