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Directors, Cast Celebrate the Oscar-Winning

Directors, Cast Celebrate the Oscar-Winning "Big Hero 6"

Ahead of its home video release, "Big Hero 6's" directors and voice actors discuss the film's importance and the possibility of a sequel.


REVIEW: "Big Hero 6" Combines Marvel's Action With Disney's Emotional Punch

"Big Hero 6" successfully blends the best elements of Disney and Marvel -- and looks amazing doing it.

"Big Hero 6" Directors Hall & Williams: Like Disney & Marvel, a Powerful Combo

The helmers of Disney's first attempt to animate a Marvel property tell CBR the first hurdle was the biggest: capturing the style of both iconic brands.

Hall & Williams Build Something New Out of Disney & Marvel DNA with

Hall & Williams Build Something New Out of Disney & Marvel DNA with "Big Hero 6"

The directors explain how they combined the strongest elements of Disney and Marvel-style storytelling to create a fresh take on superheroics.


Disney's "Big Hero 6" Film Adds Chris Williams as Co-Director

Disney's "Big Hero 6" animated film, based on Marvel characters, has added Chris Williams as co-director and Roy Conli as producer.

OFFICIAL: Disney Animating Marvel's

OFFICIAL: Disney Animating Marvel's "Big Hero 6"

Walt Disney Animation Studios' first Marvel film has been confirmed to be "Big Hero 6," the previously-rumored animated film based on the Japanese super team created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau.

"Big Hero 6" Could Be Disney's First Animated Marvel Film

Reports peg "Big Hero 6" as Disney’s long-rumored first animated movie based on Marvel characters. The "Alpha Flight" spinoff centers around a Japanese superhero team. SPINOFF has details.