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PREVIEWS: "Wonder Woman," "Action Comics"

DC Comics has released previews for Phil Hester and Don Kramer's "Wonder Woman" #606 and Paul Cornell and Pete Woods' "Action Comics" #899, both hitting stores next Wednesday, March 30.


PREVIEW: "Wonder Woman" #606

DC Comics has released a preview for "Wonder Woman" #606, the continuation of J. Michael Straczynski's re-imagining of the Amazonian princess. Written by JMS and Phil Hester, the issue hits stores tomorrow, January 26.

"Wonder Woman" Lassoes Hester

Incoming series writer Phil Hester told CBR News that his goal during the course of his run on "Wonder Woman" is to firmly re-establish the Amazon princess in the upper echelon of comic book heroes.

Kramer Responds to Wonder Woman Reactions

Kramer Responds to Wonder Woman Reactions

We spoke with artist Don Kramer about Wonder Woman's controversial new look with the DC exclusive artist saying he's thrilled to be involved in such an important stage of the iconic superheroine's history.

POLL: What Do You Think of Wonder Woman's New Look?

POLL: What Do You Think of Wonder Woman's New Look?

In light of Wonder Woman's new Jim Lee designed outfit burning up message boards and forums across the internet, CBR takes it to a poll asking you what you think of the Amazonian hero's newest look!

Wonder Woman Throughout The Years

Wonder Woman Throughout The Years

With the introduction of Wonder Woman's new costume making headlines worldwide, we enlisted CSBG's Brian Cronin to provide us with a rundown of the Amazonian princess' looks throughout her nearly 70 year history.


REVIEW: "Wonder Woman" #600

CBR reviewer Greg McElhatton gave "Wonder Woman" #600 a 3.5 star review, saying of the milestone, multi-creative teamed issue, "There's something for everyone, but overall it's not as strong as one would hope."

Reactions to Wonder Woman's New Look

Reactions to Wonder Woman's New Look

With DC's revelation of Wonder Woman's new direction and costume, reactions have been flying fast and furious across the internet, from mainstream media outlets to fans to Lynda Carter herself.

JMS Recreates

JMS Recreates "Wonder Woman"

Debuting Wednesday in her milestone 600th issue, Wonder Woman gets a new Jim Lee-designed costume, a new mission and a new world in the reality-altering storyline which writer J. Michael Straczynski tells CBR about in detail.


EXCLUSIVE: "Outsiders" #29 Preview

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR brings you an exclusive preview of "Outsiders" #29 by Dan DiDio and Don Kramer & Michael Babinski with a cover by Philip Tan, & Jonathan Glapion, on sale this week.

JMS Destroys Paradise Island

JMS Destroys Paradise Island

DC Comics have announced that Don Kramer and Michael Babinski are the art team joining J. Michael Straczynski on "Wonder Woman" when the writer begins his run. Oh, and they're destroying the Amazon Princess' home.