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"LEGO Movie" Spinoff In The Works From Jason Segel And Drew Pearce

"The Billion Brick Race" joins "Ninjago," "The LEGO Batman Movie" and "The LEGO Movie 2" in development at Warner Bros.

Sony Plans New

Sony Plans New "Ghostbusters" Film with Channing Tatum, Russo Brothers

In addition to Paul Feig’s female-led film, the studio has enlisted the Russo brothers, Drew Pearce and Channing Tatum for an action-comedy based on the 1984 classic.

Pearce, Kingsley Discuss

Pearce, Kingsley Discuss "All Hail the King," Share New "Winter Soldier" Footage

Star Sir Ben Kingsley, writer/director Drew Pearce and Kevin Feige discuss "All Hail The King" and share new "Winter Soldier" footage with a Hollywood audience.

Drew Pearce Talks

Drew Pearce Talks "All Hail the King," Writing "Wank Gags" for Ben Kingsley

Screenwriter Drew Pearce discusses working with Shane Black on "Iron Man 3," directing Ben Kingsley's Marvel One-Shot and fan reaction to the Mandarin reveal.

First Footage of

First Footage of "All Hail The King" Marvel One-Shot Hits

Sir Ben Kingsley returns to his "Iron Man 3" role in the first footage of the upcoming Marvel One-Shot, "All Hail The King," debuting Feb. 25.

Ben Kingsley Stars in Marvel's

Ben Kingsley Stars in Marvel's "All Hail The King" One-Shot

Sir Ben Kingsley reprises his "Iron Man 3" role for the upcoming "All Hail The King" Marvel One-Shot on the "Thor: The Dark World" Blu-ray release.

"Runaways" Movie Was An "Avengers" Casualty, But Still Hope for Phase Three

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes derailed plans for Drew Pearce’s adaptation of "Runaways," but the "Iron Man 3" screenwriter holds out hope that the film could be revived as part of Marvel’s Phase Three.

Shane Black, Drew Pearce Look Back at Billion-Dollar

Shane Black, Drew Pearce Look Back at Billion-Dollar "Iron Man 3"

At a screening to promote the "Iron Man 3" Blu-ray release, director Shane Black and his co-screenwriter Drew Pearce discussed this year's biggest box office success, and the movie it could have been.


CBR REVIEW: "Iron Man 3"

Marvel and Disney's "Iron Man 3" is a genius action flick from director/screenwriter Shane Black that is as good, if not better, than the first "Iron Man" film.

Director Black & Cast on The Mandarin &

Director Black & Cast on The Mandarin & "Iron Man 3's" Chinese Edit

Director Shane Black, writer Drew Pearce and the cast of "Iron Man 3" discuss the Chinese version of the film and why Black changed his mind about including the Mandarin as its villain.

SPINOFF: Drew Pearce Writing

SPINOFF: Drew Pearce Writing "Iron Man 3"

Marvel Studios has hired "No Heroics" creator Drew Pearce, who also wrote the "Runaways" script, to tackle the screenplay for Iron Man 3. Shane Black will direct the film, which is set to open on May 3, 2013.

"Runaways" Nabs A Screenwriter

"No Heroics" creator Drew Pearce has been hired by Marvel Studios to write the screenplay for" Runaways," the big screen adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan's critically acclaimed superhero series. SPINOFF has the details.

Drew Pearce:  No Heroics Required

Drew Pearce: No Heroics Required

CBR News sits down with Drew Pearce, creator of “No Heroics.” the critically acclaimed British superhero comedy to find out all the secrets of The Fortress and what a diamond-tipped thermonuclear f*ckhammer can really do.