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SDCC: EA Taking Control of "Dead Space"

SDCC: EA Taking Control of "Dead Space"

EA’s Patrick O’Brien and screenwriter Justin Marks spoke at Comic-Con International about taking control of the long-gestating movie adaptation of the "Dead Space" video games.

Mac Walters Fortifies "Mass Effect: Invasion"

Mac Walters Fortifies "Mass Effect: Invasion"

"Mass Effect" lead writer Mac Walters discusses the latest Dark Horse miniseries, "Invasion," tying into the game and the challenges and rewards of branching storylines.

PRESS RELEASE: Lengendary Pictures Options Film Rights to EA and Bioware's "Mass Effect"

E.A. Talks âG.I. Joe" Game

E.A. Talks “G.I. Joe" Game

Yo Joe! To coincide with the upcoming live-action movie, EA is bringing the "GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra" video game to stores next week. EA's Matt Marsala let CBR in on the details of the game, because knowing is half the battle.

Running The Mirrorâs Edge With Rhianna Pratchett

Running The Mirror’s Edge With Rhianna Pratchett

CBR News catches up with games journalist turned games writer Rhianna Pratchett to talk about EA's “Mirror’s Edge” video game and her first comics work, Wildstorm's comic book tie-in.