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Straczynski Delivers Strong Message in

Straczynski Delivers Strong Message in "Superman: Earth One," Vol. 3

With a world that needs Superman, writer J. Michael Straczynski tells CBR about giving readers a Man of Tomorrow for today.

EXCLUSIVE: DiDio Plots Future of

EXCLUSIVE: DiDio Plots Future of "Earth One," Plans "Interconnected" Third Weekly Series

DC co-publisher Dan DiDio details the future of the Earth One OGN line for CBR, and also talks the new third weekly series and the upcoming move to L.A.

Grant Morrison's

Grant Morrison's "Wonder Woman: Earth One" Gets New Title

"Wonder Woman: Earth One" is now "Wonder Woman: The Trial of Diana Prince," and writer Grant Morrison disclosed further details on the story, including the title character not being made from clay.

Shelf Life - 2/7/2013

Shelf Life - 2/7/2013

With the entire first season of "House of Cards" available to stream on Netflix and the first "Ravine" graphic novel on sale now, Ron examines the increasing trend toward "binge" consuming.

Gary Frank Confirms

Gary Frank Confirms "Batman: Earth One" Vol. 2 For 2013

During a humorous exchange on Twitter with DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, artist Gary Frank confirmed a second volume of the "Batman: Earth One" original graphic novel is in the works for 2013.

PREVIEW: Straczynski & Davis'

PREVIEW: Straczynski & Davis' "Superman: Earth One Vol. 2"

DC has released a preview of J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis' "Superman: Earth One Vol. 2." Superman's Earth One adventures continue in the original graphic novel on October 31.

Johns & Frank's

Johns & Frank's "Batman: Earth One" Hits in 2012

DC Comics confirms a 2012 release for the highly anticipated, Geoff Johns-written "Batman: Earth One" original graphic novel with preview images from series artist Gary Frank.

Pipeline - 8/10/2010

Pipeline - 8/10/2010

Augie is disappointed at DC's possible decision to kill their OGN line of Superman comics, CrossGen's "The Crossovers" gets a late review, Dark Horse releases "Brody's Ghost," and how many "Issac"s does Marvel have?

Shane Davis Lands On

Shane Davis Lands On "Earth One"

The artist of DC's incoming "Superman: Earth One" talks about the gig, making Clark less of a stereotype and why the graphic novel is the best format creatively – with EXCLUSIVE sketch material!