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Pristine Copy of

Pristine Copy of "Action Comics" #1 Sells For Record $3.2 Million

The finest known copy of the first appearance of Superman fetched $3.2 million at auction, smashing the previous record of $2.16 million set in 2011.

Pipeline - 3/2/2010

Pipeline - 3/2/2010

Augie sells some comics on eBay on learns some valuable lessons about timing, the open market, and auctioning techniques. Also, some thoughts on Nick Simmons' plagiarism, the iPad's censorship worries, and more.

Pipeline - 10/21/2008

Pipeline - 10/21/2008

In this week's PIPELINE, Augie has a special Omnibus announcement from Marvel, thoughts on what would be needed in a theoretical comics auction site, and two other ideas for the comics industry to make money off of.

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative 100 Hulk cover ebay auctions start July 14

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