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EXCL. PREVIEW: Brisson & Gaydos'

EXCL. PREVIEW: Brisson & Gaydos' "24: Underground" #1

Ed Brisson & Michael Gaydos' "24: Underground" #1 gives new life to Jack Bauer, chronicling his adventures after the end of his acclaimed TV series.

Ed Brisson Helps Jack Bauer Live Another Day in IDW's

Ed Brisson Helps Jack Bauer Live Another Day in IDW's "24"

Ed Brisson discusses Jack Bauer's return in IDW's "24," revealing how the story sets up Fox's "Live Another Day" and sharing exclusive Michael Gaydos art.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "RoboCop: Last Stand" #8

Ed Brisson and Korkut Öztekin wrap "RoboCop: Last Stand" with a done-in-one tale featuring a cover by Declan Shalvey.

Brisson & Roy Unleash A Darkly Comedic Crime Spree in

Brisson & Roy Unleash A Darkly Comedic Crime Spree in "The Field"

Ed Brisson and Simon Roy discuss their upcoming Image miniseries, "The Field," a tense, creepy mystery based on a fictional Twitter kidnapping.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Brisson & Walsh's

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Brisson & Walsh's "X-Files: Conspiracy: TMNT"

IDW's latest event kicks into high gear as the "Comeback" team of Ed Brisson & Michael Walsh deliver "The X-Files: Conspiracy: TMNT" on Feb. 19!

Brisson Goes Off the Grid in Image Comics'

Brisson Goes Off the Grid in Image Comics' "Sheltered"

Bust out your emergency lights and keep an eye on your rations as Ed Brisson talks about the new arc of his pre-apocalyptic series, "Sheltered."

TMNT, Transformers Invade IDW's

TMNT, Transformers Invade IDW's "The X-Files: Conspiracy"

Paul Crilley and Ed Brisson discuss the Lone Gunmen meeting Transformers and TMNT, and which issue is an unofficial sequel to a classic "X-Files" episode.


Image's "Pre-Apocalyptic" Thriller "Sheltered" Heads to Big Screen

Circle of Confusion, the production company behind "The Walking Dead," is adapting the comic by Ed Brisson and Johnnie Christmas.

Brisson Takes

Brisson Takes "RoboCop" Into "Beta"

"Sheltered" writer Ed Brisson kicks off BOOM! Studios' line of RoboCop one-shots with artist Emilio Laiso with "RoboCop: Beta" #1.


THE INFINITE WAR REPORT: Brisson's "Secret Avengers" Head Into Battle

"Secret Avengers" writer Ed Brisson joins INFINITE WAR REPORT to talk about his two-issue run which plunges the undercover team into "Infinity."



Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR has an exclusive preview of Ed Brisson & Johnnie Christmas' "Sheltered" #3. As the kids of Safe Haven live in fear, Lucas and Victoria square off September 4.

Brisson & Christmas Hide from the Apocalypse in

Brisson & Christmas Hide from the Apocalypse in "Sheltered"

"Comeback" writer Ed Brisson and newcomer artist Johnnie Christmas talk to CBR News about their new pre-apocalyptic Image Comics series "Sheltered", which argues that children may not be our future.

Brisson Stages A

Brisson Stages A "Comeback" For Time Travel

Writer/Letterer Ed Brisson spoke with CBR News about "Comeback," a mini-series following two time travel agents and the conflicts they face working for an illegal operation.

Valentino on Pitches,

Valentino on Pitches, "Comebacks," and Wiebe & Rossmo at Shadowline

Jim Valentino, the man behind the show at Image Comics imprint Shadowline, talks to CBR News about "Peter Panzerfaust," "Debris," and other projects -- plus what he looks for in a pitch.

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