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SPINOFF REVIEW: "The Bourne Legacy"

While director Tony Gilroy's "The Bourne Legacy" doesn't pack the punch of the early films in the franchise, it's visually stunning and boasts strong performances from stars Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton.

"Bourne Legacy" Stars, Director Talk Stunts and Franchise's Future

The stars, writers and director of "The Bourne Legacy" discuss filming, fight training and the future of Universal Pictures' $1 billion action franchise.

SPINOFF: Edward Norton's Agent Fires Back

SPINOFF: Edward Norton's Agent Fires Back

Actor Edward Norton's agent responds to Marvel Studios comments about Norton not being included in the upcoming "The Avengers," saying the statement was "“offensive” and "purposely misleading."

SPINOFF: Edward Norton will <i>not</i> be an Avenger

SPINOFF: Edward Norton will not be an Avenger

Official word has come down from Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige that Edward Norton, who portrayed Bruce Banner/Hulk in the last feature, will not be a part of the "The Avengers" cast.

Hulk Fists Full of Dollars: Raking In The Green At The Box Office

Hulk Fists Full of Dollars: Raking In The Green At The Box Office

Despite critical acclaim, the Edward Norton version of Marvel's engine of destruction still pulled in less opening weekend cash than Ang Lee's take. We break down all the relevant issues.


Full "Incredible Hulk" Trailer Now Online

The latest full trailer from Universal Pictures' upcoming super hero thriller "Incredible Hulk" has been posted online and we've got the details plus the requisite boat load of screen grabs.

Stars to Voice

Stars to Voice "Incredible Hulk" Video Game + New Screenshots

Edward Norton, Liv Tyler and the stars of "The Incredible Hulk" will lend their voices to the film's video game adaptation, from which we have a gallery of new screenshots.

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