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EXCLUSIVE: Jim Zub Hires the Leader of Valiant's

EXCLUSIVE: Jim Zub Hires the Leader of Valiant's "H.A.R.D. Corps"

CBR spoke with "Skullkickers" creator Jim Zub and Valiant editor Jody LeHeup about this July's humorous backup story about finding the new leader of the H.A.R.D. Corps with exclusive art.


EXCL PREVIEW: Jim Zub's "Uncanny Skullkickers"

Image Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of Jim Zub and Edwin Huang's "Uncanny Skullkickers" #1. The fan-favorite fantasy humor comic returns February 27.

Jim Zubkavich Makes

Jim Zubkavich Makes "Skullkickers" Uncanny

This February, Image Comics relaunches Jim Zubkavich and Edwin Huang's "Skullkickers" ongoing series with a new #1 and a new, familiar adjective. Zub spoke to CBR about his plans.


COMMENTARY TRACK: Jim Zub on "Skullkickers" #14

"Skullkickers" writer and co-creator Jim Zubkavich sat down with CBR News to discuss the origins of Rex's weapon, Thool's relaxed dialog, and what's coming up next in the Image Comics series.

PRESS RELEASE: Jim Hanley's Universe Hosts pre-NYCC Signing Event

Zub Kicks Off

Zub Kicks Off "Skullkickers'" Second Arc

"Skullkickers" creator/writer Jim Zub spoke with ROBOT 6 about his and artist Edwin Huang's plans for the second arc of the Image Comics hit series which features the introductions of a new and mysterious character.


EXCL. PREVIEWS: "Walking Dead," "Skullkickers"

Image Comics has provided CBR with exclusive previews at "The Walking Dead" #85 by Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard and"Skullkickers" #7 by Jim Zub, Edwin Huang & Misty Coates. Both titles hit on May 25.

PRESS RELEASE: ECCC Exclusive HC Announced for "Skullkickers"

PRESS RELEASE: "Skullkickers" #1 Second Printing Sells Out Before Release

PRESS RELEASE: "Skullkickers" #1 Sells Out, Headed for Second Printing

PRESS RELEASE: Win Original "Skullkickers" Art

"Skullkickers" Bashes Your Face In

We spoke with writer Jim Zubkavich about his new Image series "Skullkickers," described as "a buddy cop film slammed into 'Army of Darkness'" about two unnamed monster hunters with plenty of brawn and very few brains.