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Keatinge Leaves

Keatinge Leaves "Glory," Returns With "Hell Yeah" in 2013

Writer Joe Keatinge discusses his second arc on the creator-owned "Hell Yeah," the end of his run on Image Comics' "Glory," his first Marvel work and the importance of kicking ass.

ECCC12: The Image Comics 20th Anniversary Panel

ECCC12: The Image Comics 20th Anniversary Panel

Today's hottest Image creators—including Brandon Graham, Joe Keatinge, Tony Harris, and Joe Casey—gathered to celebrate the publisher's twentieth anniversary and discuss their own current projects at Emerald City Comicon.

Pipeline - 12/21/2010

Pipeline - 12/21/2010

"EmiTown" is a machine gun autobiography that's utterly charming in its randomness. Also, Marvel releases details on the return of CrossGen, DC announces some hardcovers, and plenty more news and observations.

Book A Trip To

Book A Trip To "Emitown"

Cartoonist Emi Lenox spoke with CBR News about the upcoming launch of "Emitown," her webcomic turned graphic novel coming out in October courtesy of Image Comics.

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