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Courtesy of Dark Horse, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "The Goon" #35, guest-written by Evan Dorkin with art by creator Eric Powell.

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Seeley Scripts New Adventures of He-Man

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Seeley Scripts New Adventures of He-Man

"Hack/Slash" and "Witchblade" writer Tim Seeley spoke exclusively with CBR News about writing mini-comics for Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics line of toys, which will include all-new He-Man figures.


CCI: "Dark Horse Presents" Panel Recap

To celebrate Dark Horse Comics’ 25th anniversary, the publisher discussed the relaunched "Dark Horse Presents" anthology -- and a tale from Jim Steranko.

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse Provides Details on "Dark Horse Presents" Panel at Comic-Con International

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse Reveals Full Comic-Con International Signing & Panel Schedule

PREVIEW: Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #3

PREVIEW: Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #3

IDW Publishing has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at "Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters" #3, but writers Eric Powell & Tracy Marsh with art by Phil Hester, stomping in to comic shops May 25th!

Eric Powell's

Eric Powell's "The Goon" Returns

Eric Powell's "The Goon" is back and bimonthly starting in June, ready to put sparkly vampires in their place. CBR News spoke with Powell about the acclaimed series, working with Steve Niles & Evan Dorkin and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Evan Dorkin & Eric Powell Team Up for "The Goon" #35

Steve Niles Brings Back

Steve Niles Brings Back "Criminal Macabre"

Steve Niles spoke with CBR about the return of occult detective Cal McDonald, star of "Criminal Macabre," in a Free Comic Book Day issue, a crossover with Eric Powell's "The Goon" and two omnibus editions.

EXCLUSIVE: Full Story from

EXCLUSIVE: Full Story from "Mega City Masters"

Courtesy of Rebellion, CBR exclusively presents John Wagner and Trevor Hairsine's complete "No More Jimmy Deans" story from "Mega City Masters" #3. Featuring an Eric Powell cover, the book is in stores today.


EXCLUSIVE: "Dark Horse Presents" Grows With Gibbons & Powell

Dark Horse Comics shares with CBR an exclusive first look at Dave Gibbons and Eric Powell's upcoming contributions to its flagship anthology, announced this weekend at Stumptown.

PRESS RELEASE: Stumptown's CBLDF Exclusive Dinner & Last Call for Press Passes


REVIEW: "Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters" #1

Doug Zawisza gives IDW's "Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters" #1 a 4 star review saying Eric Powell, Tracy Marsh, Phil Hester and Bruce McCorkindale's comic "reads like a lost Godzilla movie from yesteryear."

PRESS RELEASE: Green Lantern Member Card Tops CBLDF's 2011 Membership Offerings

Powell and Marsh Enter Godzilla's “Kingdom of Monsters”

Powell and Marsh Enter Godzilla's “Kingdom of Monsters”

Co-writers Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh spoke with CBR about “Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters,” the new ongoing series launching in March from IDW starring at least one rampaging Toho monster.

PRESS RELEASE: "Godzilla," King of the Monsters, Returns at IDW

EXCLUSIVE: Eric Powell's Judge Dredd

EXCLUSIVE: Eric Powell's Judge Dredd

Courtesy of 2000AD, CBR presents an exclusive first look at Eric "The Goon" Powell's cover for "Mega-City Masters" #3 featuring the inimitable Judge Dredd. The collection hits U.S. stores April 19, 2011.

NYCC: Niles'

NYCC: Niles' "Criminal Macabre" Meets the Goon

Cal MacDonald, the arcane detective from "Criminal Macabre," will make a big comeback in 2011. We spoke with Steve Niles about "The Goon/Criminal Macabre," an FCBD flipbook and more standalone one-shots.

NYCC: Godzilla Finds New Stomping Grounds at IDW

NYCC: Godzilla Finds New Stomping Grounds at IDW

Godzilla returns to comics in 2011, IDW Publishing announced during its panel at New York Comic Con. A new series featuring the giant fire-breathing monster and assorted characters begins in February.

Oni Press' Roller Derby

Oni Press' Roller Derby "Jam!"

The editors and creators behind Oni Press' Roller Derby themed anthology "Jam!" spoke with CBR News about the book and it's origins, while sharing "Goon" creator Eric Powell's complete story from the book.


CCI: "The Goon" Film Panel

Creator Eric Powell, producer David Fincher, actor Paul Giamatti and Blur Studio's Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler pitched their animated version of "The Goon" at Comic-Con International. Hilarity ensued.

CCI: Dark Horse Horror Comics

CCI: Dark Horse Horror Comics

Dark Horse Comics brought terror to San Diego once again with the popular creators of the publisher's horror titles helming a Comic-Con panel featuring news, insights into their work and an audience Q&A session.

CCI: Dark Horse Panel

CCI: Dark Horse Panel

Dark Horse played to a packed room Friday at Comic-Con, as Gerard Way and Janet Evanovich led a panel that included a DH:HD tease, "Serenity" updates and a very personal appeal from publisher Mike Richardson.

Powell On

Powell On "Billy the Kid’s Old-Timey Oddities"

Return to the Wild West as only Eric Powell could imagine it in "Billy the Kid’s Old-Timey Oddities," following the adventures of the infamous outlaw and a band of circus freaks in "The Ghastly Fiend of London."


Powell's "Buzzard" Flies Solo

"The Goon" creator Eric Powell spoke with CBR News about his newest miniseries, which features the noble ghoul Buzzard with a "Billy the Kid's Old-Timey Oddities" backup. The title debuts in June from Dark Horse.

PRESS RELEASE: Baltimore Comic-Con Announces First Guests

PRESS RELEASE: Eric Powell's "The Goon" Hits iTunes This Week, New Miniseries for Summer

Powell Breaks Silence on

Powell Breaks Silence on "The Goon"

Award-winning creator Eric Powell returns with a new silent issue of his highly acclaimed horror-comedy, news on the animated film adaptation, and the imminent release of his self-published kids' comic. Plus, an exclusive preview of of "Goon" #33!


CCI: "Creepy" & "Eerie"

Dark Horse Comics and New Comic Company met with fans at Comic-Con to discuss the past, present, and future of the legendary "Creepy" and "Eerie" horror series. Sheer terror was handily distributed.

Eric Powell on The Goon's 10th Anniversary

Eric Powell on The Goon's 10th Anniversary

On sale now, "The Goon" #32 marks the character's tenth anniversary. CBR News spoke with creator Eric Powell about the series' long history, with additional comments from editor Scott Allie on bringing the book to Dark Horse.

PRESS RELEASE: You're invited to The Goon's Tenth Anniversary Party

NYCC: Dark Horse

NYCC: Dark Horse

The Goon, Buffy, Beasts of Burden and more earn some love from fans at New York Comic Con's Dark Horse panel, featuring Eric Powell and Evan Dorkin, with news about Mike Mignola, Gabriel Bá & Fábio Moon and Stan Sakai.

PRESS RELEASE: "The Warriors" get the poster treatment from Dabel Brothers

MySpacing Comics: Comics Industry for Obama

MySpacing Comics: Comics Industry for Obama

Comics Industry For...Obama! director Sarah Grace McCandless is looking to rock the vote with the help of her comic book friends, with "The Goon's" Eric Powell stepping up to design the logo for the initiative.

CBR TV: Eric Powell

CBR TV: Eric Powell

The celebrated creator of "The Goon," Eric Powell talks to CBR TV about upcoming developments in the award-winning Dark Horse series, and discusses his work on "Action Comics" and the upcoming animated Goon film.

Eric Powell Celebrates the Year of

Eric Powell Celebrates the Year of "The Goon"

CBR News spoke to Eric Powell about the gang war that's brewing in the pages of Dark Horse's "The Goon" monthly as well as the various initiatives that make 2008 the year of The Goon.

CCI: Eric Powell's

CCI: Eric Powell's "The Goon" Panel

Eric Powell had nothing to say about his upcoming movie deal, so he made with the jokes instead - with a little help from his friends, comedians Brian Posehn, Ben Garant, and Tom Lennon.

NYCC Dark Horse Panel

NYCC Dark Horse Panel

Dark Horse's late Saturday panel at the New York Comic Con sets out the publisher's plans for 2008 and beyond. Read the latest news at happens with CBR's live coverage.