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EXCLUSIVE: Gage, Higgins Take

EXCLUSIVE: Gage, Higgins Take "Batman Beyond" Weekly, Welcome Artist Phil Hester

Christos Gage & Kyle Higgins discuss the “Batman Beyond Universe” and exclusively announce a "Batman Beyond 2.0" co-writer, weekly format and more!

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Higgins & Wight's

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Higgins & Wight's "Batman Beyond 2.0" #16

Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon hash out old drama in DC Comics' digital-first "Batman Beyond 2.0" #16 by Kyle Higgins and guest artist Eric Wight!

Eric Wight Gets In A

Eric Wight Gets In A "Pickle"

With his new "Frankie Pickle" kids series debuting this week,"My Dead Girlfriend" creator Eric Wight reflects on pop culture comics, moving past superheroes, TOKYOPOP troubles and more.

Pipeline - 5/5/2009

Pipeline - 5/5/2009

Augie returns to 2000 for "Gatecrasher," Black Bull's humorous teenage sci fi action/adventure story with a pretty solid pedigree. Also, an extensive look at Eric Wight's new book, "Frankie Pickle."

Loeb Sinks His Teeth Into “Buffy

Loeb Sinks His Teeth Into “Buffy"

The superstar writer behind "Ultimates 3" and "Hulk" joins the gang for a special issue in December that brings a particularly animated Buffy back to Season One. CBR spoke with Loeb about "Buffy" #20.