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CBR TV: Lemire on Creator-Owned,

CBR TV: Lemire on Creator-Owned, "Animal Man," "Essex County" & More

Award-winning writer/artist Jeff Lemire dropped by CBR TV to discuss working on DC's "Animal Man," revisit the "Essex County" Canada Reads controversy and lay out why he enjoys mixing creator-owned and corporate work.

CCI: Scott Snyder Points the Spotlight on Jeff Lemire

CCI: Scott Snyder Points the Spotlight on Jeff Lemire

"Swamp Thing's" Scott Snyder moderated writer/artist Jeff Lemire's spotlight panel at CCI, and they were joined by "Frankenstein" writer Matt Kindt to tease the upcoming "Rotworld" crossover.

Lemire's Origins of

Lemire's Origins of "Animal Man," "Frankenstein" & "Sweet Tooth"

Jeff Lemire spoke to CBR about death in "Sweet Tooth," an "Animal Man"/"Swamp Thing" crossover, "Frankenstein" at war and brought exclusive pages from "The Underwater Welder."

CCI: Jeff Lemire Can't Stop

CCI: Jeff Lemire Can't Stop

During his Comic-Con panel, writer/artist Jeff Lemire proved why he's the busiest man in comics by discussing his new "Animal Man" & "Frankenstein" series for DC Comics in addition to Vertigo's "Sweet Tooth"

"Essex County" To Film As "Super Zero"

The comic-themed chapters of Jeff Lemire's Top Shelf trilogy are headed to the big screen as "X-Men: First Class" VFX Supervisor John Dykstra preps "Super Zero."

DC WRITERS RELAY: Snyder on Lemire

DC WRITERS RELAY: Snyder on Lemire

In the first of a special four-part feature, CBR invited some of DC Comics' rising writer stars to interview each other, starting with Scott Snyder digging into the history of "Sweet Tooth" and "Superboy" with Jeff Lemire.

Lemire Checks Up on

Lemire Checks Up on "Sweet Tooth"

With "Sweet Tooth" Vol. 2 in stores this week, CBR News checked in with writer/artist Jeff Lemire to see what lies ahead for the nine-year old boy with antlers trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Out of the Woods with “Sweet Tooth”

Out of the Woods with “Sweet Tooth”

CBR spoke with Jeff Lemire at his home in Toronto, Canada to discuss “Sweet Tooth,” his critically acclaimed series for Vertigo Comics— and he tells us that Gus and Jepperd’s post-apocalyptic journey has just begun.

Lemire on

Lemire on "Essex County" & New Vertigo Work

CBR talks to writer-artist Jeff Lemire about the new collection of his Top Shelf graphic novels "The Complete Essex County" and his two new Vertigo projects, "The Nobody" graphic novel and "Sweet Tooth" ongoing.

PRESS RELEASE: "Essex County" creator Jeff Lemire wins Doug Wright Award for Best Emerging Talent

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