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ROLL CALL: 13 "Dark" DC Characters for del Toro's "Justice League Dark"

CBR forecasts which mystic and monstrous DC characters could join the team in Guillermo del Toro's long-percolating "Justice League Dark" film.

Cornell Sends

Cornell Sends "Demon Knights" To Hell

"Demon Knights" writer Paul Cornell discussed the series' upcoming arc which sends the Arthurian-era super team them to Hell to match wits against Lucifer himself, the Horsewoman's connection to the Red and more.

Cornell Rides with the

Cornell Rides with the "Demon Knights"

Series writer Paul Cornell shares his views on Etrigan the demon as a leader, the effect of Camelot's fall on the book and teases what's in store for the Knights in the second arc.

Cornell Summons

Cornell Summons "Demon Knights"

Etrigan rises again in "Demon Knights," a new ongoing series by Paul Cornell and Diogenes Neves, part of DC Comics’ September relaunch. CBR News spoke with Cornell about the Medieval DCU series.

Finch Teams with The Demon

Finch Teams with The Demon

Writer/artist David Finch discussed teaming the Caped Crusader with Etrigan the Demon in his ongoing "Batman: The Dark Knight" series and DC Comics teased readers with a new Finch illustration of the hellspawn hero.

Anthrax's Ian Goes to Hell with The Demon

Anthrax's Ian Goes to Hell with The Demon

CBR has the first word from Anthrax founder and guitarist Scott Ian as he returns to DC Comics to write a two-part Etrigan the Demon series featuring art by his "Lobo: Highway to Hell" creative partner, Sam Kieth.


REVIEW: "The Brave and the Bold" #32

CBR's Doug Zawisza reviewed J. Michael Straczynski and Jesus Saiz' "The Brave and the Bold" #32 and gave the issue 4.5 stars saying of the seemingly odd character pairing, "This is Aquaman at his dazzling best."