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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Executive Assistant: Assassins" #4

Aspen Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive preview for "Executive Assistant: Assassins" #4. Vince Hernandez and Lori Hanson introduce Executive Assistant Sophora on October 10!

CCI: Aspen Prepares for a Banner Year

CCI: Aspen Prepares for a Banner Year

Aspen Comics puts its upcoming 10th anniversary on display with 10 new titles in 2013 as part of a new publishing initiative outlined at their Comic-Con International panel.

Hernandez Hires an Ongoing

Hernandez Hires an Ongoing "Executive Assistant"

Writer and Aspen Editor-in-Chief Vince Hernandez spoke to CBR about Aspen's first ongoing, "Executive Assistant Assassins," its connection to past "Assistant" titles, and teased more ongoing titles.

PRESS RELEASE: Aspen Comics Readies 10 New Exclusives for Comic-Con International

Wohl Re-Hires His

Wohl Re-Hires His "Executive Assistant"

Writer/Creator David Wohl gave CBR News the lowdown on the return of "Executive Assistant Iris" in a new miniseries, while also revealing her role in Aspen’s big summer event "The Hitlist Agenda."