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PRESS RELEASE: Aspen Comics Unveils Full Slate of "10 for 10" Titles & Jam Poster

PRESS RELEASE: Aspen Launches "10 For 10" Initiative with "Legend of the Shadow Clan" #1

CCI: Aspen Announces 10-for-10 Initiative

CCI: Aspen Announces 10-for-10 Initiative

Aspen's Frank Mastromauro and Vince Hernandez explain Aspen's upcoming 10-for-10 initiative for the publisher's tenth anniversary in 2013, introducing 10 new series over 10 months.

PRESS RELEASE: Aspen Announces "Charismagic," "Homecoming," "Idolized" and More at WonderCon 2012


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Executive Assistant: Iris #4

Courtesy of Aspen Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Executive Assistant: Iris" #4. The "Hit List Agenda" continues on October 5.


EXCL. PREVIEW: "Executive Assistant Iris" Vol. 2, #1

Courtesy of Aspen Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Executive Assistant Iris" #1 by David Wohl and Eduardo Francisco with covers by Francisco and Joe Benitez! Iris returns to work on July 7!

Wohl Re-Hires His

Wohl Re-Hires His "Executive Assistant"

Writer/Creator David Wohl gave CBR News the lowdown on the return of "Executive Assistant Iris" in a new miniseries, while also revealing her role in Aspen’s big summer event "The Hitlist Agenda."

PRESS RELEASE: Aspen Unveils All-New "Soulfire" Volume at C2E2

PRESS RELEASE: Aspen Hits The Big Apple With a Bang

CCI: Aspen Comics

CCI: Aspen Comics

Aspen Comics came to Comic-Con International in San Diego last Friday to give fans a look into the future of the company and the new properties it will have to offer in the coming year. CBR was there.

David Wohl Talks “Executive Assistant Iris

David Wohl Talks “Executive Assistant Iris"

CBR News talks to writer David Wohl about Aspen’s “Executive Assistant Iris,” a series he created with Michael Turner about women trained as personal bodyguards in the cut-throat world of Chinese big business.