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DeMatteis Cracks Creation in

DeMatteis Cracks Creation in "Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger"

J.M. DeMatteis discusses the past, present and future of The Stranger and teases what's ahead in both "Phantom Stranger" & "Justice League Dark."

PREVIEW: Fialkov & Blanco's

PREVIEW: Fialkov & Blanco's "I, Vampire" #18

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents a preview of "I, Vampire" #18 by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Fernando Blanco. The struggle for Andrew Bennet's soul comes to a conclusion March 27.

Marvel Comics and Rockstar Games Team Up For

Marvel Comics and Rockstar Games Team Up For "Max Payne 3" Digital Comic

Hard-edged, gun-wielding video game hero Max Payne will soon be the focus of a three-issue Marvel digital comic series that ties in with the upcoming "Max Payne 3" game.