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Kazu Kibuishi Continues The Saga of “Amulet”

Kazu Kibuishi Continues The Saga of “Amulet”

The cartoonist talks about the sixth volume of his all-ages fantasy epic, “Escape from Lucien,” detailing the influence of “Final Fantasy” and Polaroid photos.

Kazu Kibuisihi Takes a Final

Kazu Kibuisihi Takes a Final "Flight"

With the final volume on sale this week, CBR News spoke with the cartoonist about editing the influential, long running anthology, plus details on his Scholastic series "Amulet."

Gagne Tells

Gagne Tells "The Saga of Rex"

Multi-talented creator Michel Gagne spoke with CBR News about the release of "The Saga of Rex," his 200-page graphic novel that sends a little fox named Rex on a huge adventure through space and other worlds.


Kibuishi's "Copper" Finds a Home in Print

Writer/artist Kazu Kibuishi spoke with CBR News about the new print edition of his webcomic "Copper" as well as his Scholastic graphic novel series "Amulet" and some details about the next "Flight" anthology.

Pipeline - 6/24/2008

Pipeline - 6/24/2008

Is DC seeing an exodus? Which comic industry wall would you like to have been a fly on? Are the Harveys a bad example of crowdsourcing? Plus, "Flight Explorer" and an art book by Ladronn. That and more from Augie De Blieck Jr. this week.

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