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DeMatteis Cracks Creation in

DeMatteis Cracks Creation in "Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger"

J.M. DeMatteis discusses the past, present and future of The Stranger and teases what's ahead in both "Phantom Stranger" & "Justice League Dark."

Fawkes Pushes

Fawkes Pushes "Constantine" to the Edge in "Forever Evil: Blight"

Ray Fawkes is building an epic story based on John Constantine, an antihero so flawed that his footing constantly fluctuates between good and evil.

EXCL. PREVIEW: DeMatteis & Janin's

EXCL. PREVIEW: DeMatteis & Janin's "Justice League Dark" #27

Constantine and his team run afoul of Blight! The "Forever Evil" tie-in continues in "Justice League Dark" #27 by J.M. DeMatteis & Mikel Janin.

DeMatteis Readies

DeMatteis Readies "Justice League Dark" for "Forever Evil: Blight"

Veteran "Justice League" writer J.M. DeMatteis takes on "Justice League Dark" with this month's #24, and CBR spoke with him about what to expect from the run, starting with "Forever Evil: Blight."

Fawkes Conjures

Fawkes Conjures "Constantine" for "Forever Evil: Blight"

"Constantine" writer Ray Fawkes explains how the conman mage figures into the 18-issue "Forever Evil: Blight" crossover while sharing his reaction to the character's recently announced NBC television series.

DC Announces

DC Announces "Forever Evil: Blight," 18-Part Crossover Starting This Month

"Justice League Dark," "Constantine," "Trinity of Sin: Pandora" and "Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger" are crossing over in an 18-part story titled "Forever Evil: Blight," running from October through March.