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SDCC: Gary Frank Draws James Gordon for

SDCC: Gary Frank Draws James Gordon for "Gotham" Teaser

Fox is bringing even more comic-book flair to "Gotham" with a series of "Who’s Who in the DC Universe"-style character images.

"Gotham's" Ben McKenzie Promises a Jim Gordon Whose Moral Compass Will Be Tested

The former "Southland" star takes on a more iconic cop role as he explores a whole new back story for Gotham City's most steadfast lawman.

Comics A.M. - Archie Comics Responds to Singapore Ban

Comics A.M. - Archie Comics Responds to Singapore Ban

Archie Co-CEO addresses ban of volume featuring Kevin Keller's wedding! How might a possible Fox/Time Warner merger affect superhero movies? Plus much more!

READING LIST: 5 Invisible Woman Collections We'd Loan To Kate Mara

READING LIST: 5 Invisible Woman Collections We'd Loan To Kate Mara

CBR presents some stories "Fantastic Four" star Kate Mara could read to get to better know her superhero alter ego.

Gordon Takes a Stand in Latest

Gordon Takes a Stand in Latest "Gotham" Promo

The "Gotham" promotion continues a week before Comic-Con, with the show's James Gordon, Ben McKenzie, narrating a new 45-second promo.

Josh Trank's

Josh Trank's "Fantastic Four" Isn't Based on Existing Comics, Kate Mara Says

Kate Mara explains she didn’t read any "Fantastic Four" comics because director Josh Trank told her the movie isn’t based on an existing story.

Carol Kane Joins

Carol Kane Joins "Gotham's" Growing Cast

Oscar winner Carol Kane takes up residence in "Gotham" as the mother of one of Batman's future arch villains.

EXCLUSIVE: Marguerite Bennett Wakens

EXCLUSIVE: Marguerite Bennett Wakens "Sleepy Hollow" at BOOM!

Marguerite Bennett discusses her and artist Jorge Coelho's "Sleepy Hollow" comic, which takes place between the episodes of the hit Fox show.


Latest "Gotham" Clip Spotlights Budding Supervillains

"Gotham" promotion continues with a 30-second clip spotlighting the show's young versions of Catwoman and Penguin, plus gang boss Fish Mooney.

Producers Design

Producers Design "Gotham" to Please Hardcore Bat-Fans and Casual Viewers Alike

Executive Producers Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon reveal their vision for Fox's "Gotham," and exploring Batman's origins from a fresh perspective.

"Bob's Burgers" Creator Looks to Stay True to Show with Comic Series

CBR News talks to "Bob's Burgers" creator Loren Bouchard about the show's comic book spinoff, and why it's important to get it right.

Logue Reveals

Logue Reveals "Gotham's" Harvey Bullock Will Walk a Moral 'Razor's Edge'

With the character portrayed in comics as everything from a corrupt to compromised cop, Donal Logue explains that his Bullock will straddle the line.

Box Office:

Box Office: "Days of Future Past" Crosses the $200 Million Mark in North America

As "22 Jump Street" and "How to Train Your Dragon 2" battle for the top spot at the box office, the latest "X-Men" film becomes one of three 2014 films to pass $200 million domestically.

Box Office:

Box Office: "Days of Future Past" Tops $600 Million Globally

Worldwide the latest "X-Men" film is the No. 3 movie of the year so far after "Winter Soldier" and "Amazing Spider-Man."

CASTING CALL: Five Actors We Want to Play Apocalypse

CASTING CALL: Five Actors We Want to Play Apocalypse

With Marvel reportedly casting Josh Brolin as Thanos, CBR sets our sights on big names we'd love to see play the "X-Men: Apocalypse" title villain.

Box Office:

Box Office: "X-Men: Days of Future Past" Tops $500 Million Worldwide

Disney's "Maleficent" opened strong with $170 million globally and pushed the mutants to No. 2 in North America.

Box Office:

Box Office: "Days of Future Past" Expecting $31 Million This Weekend

With newcomer "Maleficent" looking to bring in $65 million, "X-Men: Days of Future Past" is estimated to land at No. 2 at the North American box office this weekend.

FANTASY DRAFT: The Endless Possibilities of A Marvel Studios

FANTASY DRAFT: The Endless Possibilities of A Marvel Studios "X-Men"

Brett White channels the Watcher (R.I.P.) and wonders "What if…?" Marvel Studios were to reacquire the film rights to the X-Men?

POLL: What Did You Think of

POLL: What Did You Think of "X-Men: Days of Future Past?"

The franchise-rebooting "X-Men: Days of Future Past" debuted last weekend, and CBR wants to know what you thought of Fox's latest X-film!

"The Fantastic Four" Writer Compares Reboot to "Batman Begins," "Iron Man"

Simon Kinberg says director Josh Trank’s franchise reboot is "grounded, real, gritty, and what it would really be like if you went through a transformation and lost control of your body."

Cudmore's Colossus Fights the Good Fight in

Cudmore's Colossus Fights the Good Fight in "X-Men: Days of Future Past"

Daniel Cudmore discusses gearing up as Colossus once again in order to save mutankind from the threat of the Sentinels in "Days of Future Past."

En Sabah Who? The History of the Villain of

En Sabah Who? The History of the Villain of "X-Men: Apocalypse"

With "X-Men: Apocalypse" set to follow "Days of Future Past," CBR looks back on the history of the villain set on dominating all of mutantkind.

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" Finishes Four-Day Weekend With $302 Million Global Haul

Director Bryan Singer's film scored the best worldwide debut of any installment of the Fox franchise.

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" Dominates the Global Box Office

The latest X-Men film brings in $261.8 million globally in its opening weekend, with an estimated $90.7 million in North America.

5 Avengers & Wolverine Team-Ups Fit For Film

5 Avengers & Wolverine Team-Ups Fit For Film

If Marvel and Fox ever go for a team-up between their blockbuster film franchises, here are the stories Spinoff Online wants to see adapted.

"Days of Future Past" Brings in $36 Million in North America on Friday

The latest "X-Men" film from director Bryan Singer looks to bring in $110 million over the four-day Memorial Day weekend.

Bryan Singer: It's

Bryan Singer: It's "Ludicrous" to Compare Fox's X-Men & Marvel's Avengers

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" director Bryan Singer says it’s “ludicrous” to compare Fox’s X-Men franchise to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hugh Jackman Reconsiders Wolverine Retirement

Hugh Jackman Reconsiders Wolverine Retirement

"The whole thing feels fresher to me than ever," Hugh Jackman said about carrying on with the "X-Men" franchise as Wolverine.

"Gotham" Featurette Teases World Building, New Characters & Joker

"Gotham" showrunner Bruno Heller and the cast of "Gotham" discuss what to expect from the upcoming Batman prequel television series.

READING LIST: Get Ready for

READING LIST: Get Ready for "Gotham"

With "Gotham" officially landing on Fox's Fall schedule, CBR rounds up the DC Comics titles that will help fans prepare for Gotham City before Batman.

McKenzie, Logue Feature in

McKenzie, Logue Feature in "Gotham" Character Photos

With "Gotham" set for Fox's fall 2014 season, the network has released new photos of the show's cast, including Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue and more.

"X-Men: Days Of Future Past" Team Discuss Film's Celebratory Tone, Fresh Take

Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and more discuss finding hope in the darkest "X-Men" film to date - and explain why Flock of Seagulls is Wolverine's kryptonite.

Ben McKenzie Shares First

Ben McKenzie Shares First "Gotham" Cast Photo

Now that "Gotham" is official for Fox's 2014-2015 schedule, series lead Ben McKenzie revealed the first promo photo of the show's full cast.

Bruno Heller:

Bruno Heller: "'Gotham' Will Surpass the Batman Movies" Visually

In a recent interview, "Gotham" showrunner Bruno Heller praised the visual direction of the show and teased what viewers can expect from the greenlit series.

"Fantastic Four" Casts "The Wire" Alum Reg E. Cathey as Dr. Storm

"The Wire's" Reg E. Cathey has been cast as Dr. Storm, father of Michael B. Jordan's Human Torch and Kate Mara's Invisible Woman.

UPDATE: Fox Gives

UPDATE: Fox Gives "Gotham" a Series Order, Releases Extended Trailer

Fox has picked up Batman prequel series "Gotham" as the third new drama for its 2014-2015 television season. UPDATED with extended, 2-minute trailer.


WATCH: The "X-Men: Days of Future Past" Easter Egg in "Amazing Spider-Man 2"

Mystique, Havok and more feature in the full "X-Men: Days of Future Past" bonus scene that debuts after the "Amazing Spider-Man 2" credits.


Review: "24: Live Another Day" Restarts the Clock With Explosive Comeback

Fox's real-time thriller returns tonight after four years off the air, and "24" and Jack Bauer are better than ever.

"Simpsons" Producers go Behind the Bricks of Sunday's LEGO-Themed Episode

Al Jean and Matt Selman open up about rebuilding Springfield - brick by LEGO brick, as it were - for "The Simpsons'" upcoming 550th episode.

Donal Logue Explains why

Donal Logue Explains why "Gotham" Doesn't Need Batman

The actor responsible for bringing Harvey Bullock to life explains that "Gotham" creates a world that needs "a vigilante to come and save it."