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Fawkes On Post-

Fawkes On Post-"Forever Evil" "Constantine" and "Pandora"

"Trinity of Sin: Pandora" and "Constantine" writer Ray Fawkes discusses post-"Forever Evil" plans and lingering questions about the creation of the New 52 DCU.



Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Animal Man" #23 by Jeff Lemire, Steve Pugh & Francis Portela. While Buddy Baker fends off the paparazzi, his Little Wing visits The Red, August 21.

Tim Seeley Beefs Up

Tim Seeley Beefs Up "Killer Croc" For Villains Month

Writer Tim Seeley brings a more human side to the reptilian mind of Killer Croc during DC Comics' Villains Month, exploring the enforcer's position within Gotham's pantheon of rogues.

Levitz, Zen & The Art Of

Levitz, Zen & The Art Of "Legion Of Super-Heroes"

"Legion Of Super-Heroes" writer Paul Levitz discusses the machinations of the Dominators, working once again with artists Steve Lightle & Yildiray Cinar and the upcoming LoSH elections!

Levitz Discusses Dominators and the

Levitz Discusses Dominators and the "Legion of Super-Heroes"

"Legion of Super-Heroes" writer Paul Levitz spoke with CBR News about the Dominators, Dragonwing, the series' upcoming guest artists and more.

Trailer Arrives for

Trailer Arrives for "Legion of Super-Heroes" #1

A new teaser for "Legion of Super-Heroes" offers a sneak peek at the DC Comics relaunch title by writer Paul Levitz and artist Francis Portela. ROBOT 6 has details.

Levitz Explores

Levitz Explores "Legion of Super-Heroes" and their "Secret Origins"

"Legion Of Super-Heroes" writer Paul Levitz spoke with CBR about relaunching the title in September, sharing details about the upcoming "Legion: Secret Origin" miniseries as well as exclusive LoSH art!


REVIEW: "Legion of Super-Villains"

CBR's Greg McElhatton gave DC Comics' "Legion of Super-Villains" a 4 star review, calling Paul Levitz and Francis Portela's one-shot tale, "a nice [Legion of Super-Heroes] primer for new readers"


REVIEW: "Legion of Super-Heroes" #4

Greg McElhatton gave DC Comics' "Legion of Super-Heroes" #4 a 4-star review, saying that the team of Paul Levitz, Yildiray Cinar and Francis Portela, saying, "This is the "LoSH" that I was waiting for."

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