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EXCL PREVIEW: Frank Beddor's

EXCL PREVIEW: Frank Beddor's "Hatter M: Zen of Wonder"

Creator Frank Beddor has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of his next original graphic novel "Hatter M: Zen of Wonder." The next chapter in the "Looking Glass Wars" is available to order via Kickstarter.

THE KICKSTAND: Waiting for the Trade

THE KICKSTAND: Waiting for the Trade

Former Disney animator Tom Bancroft turns to Kickstarter to publish his comic, "Opposing Forces." Plus, we look at drives for indy manga, more "Hatter M" and a faux newspaper spy serial set in the Swinging Sixties.

Beddor is

Beddor is "Mad with Wonder"

Frank Beddor brings his "Looking Glass Wars" novels to a close, but his Hatter M graphic novels will continue on. CBR talks with the NYT Best Selling author about the continuing tales of a decidedly dangerous Wonderland.