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"Fringe's" Jasika Nicole talks Season Finale

Jasika Nicole spoke with SPINOFF ONLINE and teased that in this week's season finale of "Fringe," Astrid will have an alternate ending and that the closing scenes will shift the direction of the FOX show dramatically.

Leonard Nimoy Discusses

Leonard Nimoy Discusses "Fringe"

SPINOFF ONLINE spoke with Leonard Nimoy on the set of "Fringe" in Vancouver where the "Star Trek" actor discussed playing the shadowy William Bell, working with John Noble, his role in the season finale and much more.

SPINOFF: Fringe Seeks Out

SPINOFF: Fringe Seeks Out "Brown Betty" in Musical Episode

Spinoff Online visited the set of "Fringe" to talk to the cast about one of the weirdest turns the acclaimed Fox show has taken, tonight's musical episode, "Brown Betty."

Peter Weller Talks

Peter Weller Talks "Fringe"

Actor Peter Weller joins the cast of "Fringe" for tonight's episode, bringing the power of time travel along with him. SPINOFF spoke with the sci-fi icon about his role in the popular series, reminisces on his Robocop days and more.

"Fringe" Reveals The Secrets Of "Peter"

The mysterious origins of Peter Bishop are revealed on an all-new episode of "Fringe" and we spoke with John Noble (Walter Bishop) about how the revelation affects his character's relationship with the rest of the cast.

Talking Teen Titans with Felicia D. Henderson

Talking Teen Titans with Felicia D. Henderson

A writer of such TV shows as “Fringe,” “Gossip Girl," Felicia D. Henderson has a long history in storytelling. Now she brings those talents to DC as the new ongoing writer of “Teen Titans.” We spoke with her about the book.

DC Comics On Sale May 28, 2009

DC Comics On Sale May 28, 2009

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR brings you advance looks at new books on sale this week including new issues of "Green Lantern," "Superman," "Fringe," "Wonder Woman," "Justice Society of America" and more.

NYCC: Fringe

NYCC: Fringe

Executive Producer Jeff Pinkner and the cast of “Fringe” had a lot of fun teasing the New York Comic Con audience about what’s to come in the hit Fox television series, and star Lance Reddick reveals what book he looks for at the comics shop.

PRESS RELEASE: Joshua Jackson brings "Fringe" to NYCC

Wildstorm Explores “Fringe” Universe

Wildstorm Explores “Fringe” Universe

Writer Mike Johnson expands the mythos of Fox’s hit TV series while telling the backstory of the insanely brilliant Walter Bishop and the enigmatic William Bell in a six-part "Fringe" miniseries from Wildstorm.