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PREVIEWS - Marvels: Eye of the Camera, Punisher War Zone

PREVIEWS - Marvels: Eye of the Camera, Punisher War Zone

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you new pages from two of the publisher's most anticipated new projects: "Punisher: War Zone" #1 and "Marvels: Eye of the Camera" #1, both on sale in December.

Ma's Home! Ennis talks

Ma's Home! Ennis talks "Punisher: War Zone"

The fan-fave team of Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon return to Frank Castle in December's "Punisher: War Zone" miniseries, which sees the return of some much missed psychopaths. Ennis spoke with us about the project.

Ennis & Robertson talk

Ennis & Robertson talk "The Boys"

Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson reveal to CBR their plans beyond the 9/11 shocker, unveil a peak at their uncanny new guest stars, and dive into the world of variant covers with John Cassaday and Howard Chaykin.

Garth Ennis Takes to the

Garth Ennis Takes to the "Battlefields"

Dynamite’s October celebration of Garth Ennis kicks off with the first of three tales spanning the breadth of WWII: "Battlefields: The Night Witches," a Russ Braun- illustrated story of ramshackle Russian female fighter pilots.

Ennis & Palmiotti Go

Ennis & Palmiotti Go "Back to Brooklyn"

New Yorkers Garth Ennis & Jimmy Palmiotti invite readers to their stomping ground in September for "Back to Brooklyn," an ultra-violent, ultra-gritty mob story from Image. CBR talks to the pair about the book.

WW Chicago: Dynamite nabs

WW Chicago: Dynamite nabs "Judge Dredd"

The classic 2000 A.D. sci-fi satire comes back to America by way of Dynamite Entertainment with a new ongoing series by Garth Ennis and John Wagner. CBR spoke with Nick Barrucci about Dredd's return.

Double-Crossed: Ennis & Burrows talk “Crossed”

Double-Crossed: Ennis & Burrows talk “Crossed”

CBR talks to Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows about Avatar’s ultraviolent, post - apocalyptic survival tale, “Crossed," a zombieless horror story that Ennis says is "the most disturbing and f*cked up thing" he's ever written.

WW Philly: Garth Ennis Q&A

WW Philly: Garth Ennis Q&A

In CBR's final WW Philly report, we cover the Garth Ennis Q&A session held on Sunday, where Garth discussed his new "Battlefields" series, what made DC drop "The Boys" and whether he'll ever return to "The Punisher."

WW Philly: Ennis Tells Dynamite Stories of

WW Philly: Ennis Tells Dynamite Stories of "Battlefields"

The acclaimed writer behind "The Boys" and some of the medium's most shocking and memorable war comics delves into WW2 with a trilogy of tales for Dynamite Entertainment.

Lying In The Gutters - 5/12/2008

Lying In The Gutters - 5/12/2008

Rich has word on a new Garth Ennis horror series, Mark Millar’s “Kick-Ass” going into pre-production, loads of news and notes out of the Bristol convention, Bob Kane’s personal Batman comics collection and more in LYING IN THE GUTTERS!