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Oldman, Russell & Serkis Travel Back to

Oldman, Russell & Serkis Travel Back to "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes"

Director Matt Reeves and stars Andy Serkis, Keri Russell and Gary Oldman talk with SPINOFF about bringing the humans vs apes struggle to the big screen.

Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish on Getting Into Character For

Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish on Getting Into Character For "RoboCop"

"RoboCop" co-stars Gary Oldman and Abbie Cornish discuss developing their roles for director Jose Padilha's remake of the sci-fi classic.

"RoboCop" Star Joel Kinnaman Talks About Stepping Into Peter Weller’s Suit

"The Killing" star discusses the physical and emotional challenges of playing Alex Murphy, and working to distinguish the remake from the 1987 classic.

"Dark Knight Rises" Debuts Clip, Trailer, On Track For Record Opening

As "The Dark Knight Rises" is on track towards a record-setting opening weekend, Christopher Nolan's final Batman film debuts a new clip and trailer that serves as a retrospective for the trilogy.

"Dark Knight Rises" Rolls Out First TV Spots, 11 New Stills

Warner Bros. has begun the promotional sprint for "The Dark Knight Rises" with the debut of two television spots and 11 new production stills.

Nolan screens

Nolan screens "The Dark Knight Rises" Prologue in Los Angeles

Director Christopher Nolan screened about 8 minutes of footage from "The Dark Knight Rises" for journalists Thursday night in Los Angeles and CBR News was there to take it all in.

Gotham Crumbles in

Gotham Crumbles in "The Dark Knight Rises" Poster

Warner Bros. has unveiled the first teaser poster for Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises," which places the iconic Batman symbol inside a crumbling city scape.

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "The Book of Eli"

"The Book of Eli," opening January 15, is a well-made science fiction actioner with good performances, genuine twists and thoughtful spiritual and philosophical themes that will stay with the viewer long after the film is over.

Scribe of

Scribe of "Eli" - Gary Whitta

Writer Gary Whitta spoke with CBR News in a one-on-on interview discussing the nature of "The Book of Eli," the caliber of acting involved and the miracle of a movie that looks and feels like what the original writer put to paper.

Stars of

Stars of "Eli" - Denzel Washington

"The Book of Eli" star Denzel Washington spoke with CBR News about his new film, developing the character of Eli, some of the movie's deeper themes, learning how to fight with a sword and more.

Stars of

Stars of "Eli" - Mila Kunis

CBR News spoke with "The Book of Eli" star Mila Kunis about working with Denzel Washington and the film's directors, the Hughes Brothers, the film's unusual chronological shooting schedule, dealing with uncooperative weather and more.

CCI: Warner Bros.

CCI: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. gave a presentation to Comic-Con attendees that included "Where The Wild Things Are," Denzel Washington & Gary Oldman's "The Book of Eli," Jackie Earle Haley's "Nightmare on Elm Steet" and Robert Downey, Jr.'s "Sherlock Holmes."

CCI: Rogue Pictures

CCI: Rogue Pictures

Wes Craven's first script in 14 years, inspirational earthquakes, man-eating bugs, haunted sets, and David Goyer's approval of the punking of Gary Oldman were the topics of Rogue Pictures' presentation at Comic-Con International.



CBR News speaks once more with "The Dark Knight" co-star Gary Oldman, this time about the appeal of Jim Gordon, his upcoming “A Christmas Carol,” and his thoughts for a third Batman film. SPOILER WARNING.



CBR talks to Gary Oldman about his role as Jim Gordon in "The Dark Knight." Oldman discusses the challenges of his non-insane character, assumes blame for some botched takes, and praises co-star Heath Ledger. SPOILER WARNING.

Visit The Dark Knight: CBR Set Report

Visit The Dark Knight: CBR Set Report

With "The Dark Knight" coming to theaters shortly, CBR can finally bring you a detailed report from the set of the film in Chicago, where we visited last year to observe the filming of scenes between Batman and Jim Gordon.