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Enhanced Superior Spider-Man 2.0 Costume Hits

Enhanced Superior Spider-Man 2.0 Costume Hits "Marvel Heroes" in August

Gazillion Entertainment's free-to-play "Marvel Heroes" MMO will debut an enhanced "Superior Spider-Man" costume for Spidey, which features a new look, movement and alternative voice work.


FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Gazillion's "Marvel Heroes" MMO

With Gazillion Entertainment's "Marvel Heroes" free-to-play MMO finally launching this week, CBR's Steve Sunu gives his first impressions on whether or not this is the definitive Marvel game of a generation.

Bendis Levels Up in Gazillion's

Bendis Levels Up in Gazillion's "Marvel Heroes" MMO

Fan-favorite Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis discusses his story for Gazillion Entertainment's "Marvel Heroes" MMO and how it faithfully interprets the massive scale & scope of the Marvel Universe.

"Marvel Heroes" Gets June 4 Release Date

Gazillion Entertainment has announced a June 4 release date for its long-awaited "Marvel Heroes" MMO, which allows players to take control of the movers and shakers of the Marvel U.

"Marvel Heroes" Preps For Release With Founders Program, New Costumes

Gazillion Entertainment's free-to-play "Marvel Heroes" MMO prepares for its Spring 2013 release with a special Founders Program that allows players to pre-purchase heroes, costumes and currency at a reduced price.

NYCC: Hands-On Gaming with

NYCC: Hands-On Gaming with "Marvel Heroes"

At New York Comic Con, Gazillion Entertainment's David Brevik took CBR News behind the scenes and hands-on with its upcoming MMO game "Marvel Heroes." Find out special features and how it plays, plus see a gallery of screenshots.


NYCC: "Marvel Heroes" Reveals New Characters and Features

Marvel and developer Gazillion Entertainment teamed up at New York Comic Con to deliver the latest news on the highly anticipated MMO, "Marvel Heroes," including new playable characters.

"Marvel Heroes" Online Game Kicks Off Closed Beta October 1

Gazillion Entertainment is now accepting sign-ups for the beta edition of "Marvel Heroes," its the upcoming MMORPG featuring a variety of Marvel Comics characters in action.

CCI: Marvel Games Target

CCI: Marvel Games Target "Avengers," "Deadpool" & More

"Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins," "Deadpool," and "Avengers: Battle For Earth" were just a few of the new titles discussed at Marvel's video game panel at Comic-Con International.

PRESS RELEASE: Upper Deck and Super Hero Squad Online Producing A New Marvel CCG

Marvel and Gazillion Reveal

Marvel and Gazillion Reveal "Marvel Heroes" Spider-Man Design

The "Marvel Heroes" Massively Multiplayer Online game gets an official name and a brand new design for the web-slinger himself, Spider-Man.

Bendis To Script Free-To-Play Marvel MMO

Bendis To Script Free-To-Play Marvel MMO

CBR's Report from Thursday's event on Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment's in development MMO game reveals news of a script by Brian Bendis, playable characters from the Marvel U and its status as a free-to-play game.

Super Hero Squad MMORPG Trailer Released

Super Hero Squad MMORPG Trailer Released

Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment have released a Director's Cut Extended Version announcement trailer for their upcoming Super Hero Squad Online MMORPG, featuring Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man and more!

"Super Hero Squad Online" MMORPG Details Released

Marvel Studios and Gazillion Entertainment have released new information about their upcoming "Super Hero Squad Online" MMORPG, including screen grabs from the game's trailer.

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