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Post-Relaunch "Green Lantern" Titles Details Released

DC Comics and Geoff Johns have released details regarding the Green Lantern characters and series as the publisher readies for a line-wide September relaunch. UPDATED with solicitation info.

DC Declares Digital Pricing For Relaunch, Retailer Incentives

DC Declares Digital Pricing For Relaunch, Retailer Incentives

DC Comics has announced its same-day digital titles will be priced at $2.99 and "Justice League" will get a special $4.99 combo pack for print and digital, plus loads of retailer incentives. UPDATED

Details Emerge On DC's Relaunch

Details Emerge On DC's Relaunch

CBR News uncovers some of the biggest details behind DC Comics' September relaunch, revealing the full scope of new series in the works and asking the question "Will this work for retailers and readers?"

DC Announces Post-

DC Announces Post-"Flashpoint" Details, Relaunches All Titles

In the wake of its "Flashpoint" event, DC Comics will re-number its entire superhero line, debuting more than 50 first issues in September to introduce "a more modern, diverse DC Universe." UPDATED

In Blackest Night: Mark Strong is Sinestro

In Blackest Night: Mark Strong is Sinestro

Actor Mark Strong spoke with CBR News about the process involved in bringing Sinestro to life in Warner Bros. "Green Lantern," from creating he character's classic look to the character's emotional core and more.

In Brightest Day: Campbell Directs

In Brightest Day: Campbell Directs "Green Lantern"

During CBR News' visit to the set of "Green Lantern," director Martin Campbell spoke about his trepidation and excitement in realizing the film's epic scale and its unique mix of space adventure and romance.

On the Set of

On the Set of "Green Lantern"

CBR News shares an inside look at the filming of Warner Bros.' "Green Lantern" with an on-set visit, where cast and crew provided access to early test footage, the art department and a close encounter with a power ring

In Brightest Day: Reynolds Talks

In Brightest Day: Reynolds Talks "Green Lantern"

CBR spoke with "Green Lantern" star Ryan Reynolds on the set of the movie about taking on the iconic role, never physically wearing the character's costume, wielding the ring's constructs and a potential sequel.

Page by Page with

Page by Page with "Flashpoint" #1

CSBG's Greg Burgas takes an in-depth look at the first issue of DC's new crossover event, "Flashpoint," examining and dissecting the miniseries' entire first issue, page by page!

UPDATED: DC Releases Advance

UPDATED: DC Releases Advance "Flashpoint" Covers, Solicits

DC Comics is releasing advance looks at cover art and solicitation for August-shipping "Flashpoint" tie-ins, starting with the cover and solicit info for "Flashpoint" #4 and news on #5.

Geoff Johns On The Shockers Of

Geoff Johns On The Shockers Of "Flashpoint" #1

DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns speeds into CBR for a rundown of the changes at the heart of DC's summer event "Flashpoint" including the secrets of the world's Batman and a first look at Andy Kubert's cover to issue #4.


REVIEW: "Flashpoint" #1

Doug Zawisza gives Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert's "Flashpoint" #1 3 stars, saying, "The end of the issue features a surprising revelation that leaves enough of an impact to pique my interest to come back for issue #2."

DC Shares One Last Teaser Before

DC Shares One Last Teaser Before "Flashpoint" #1

From the first meeting of Batman and The Flash to the rebellion of Abin Sur to a mystery baby, DC Comics has shared one last look inside the world of Geoff Johns' "Flashpoint" event before its first issue hits today.


PREVIEW: "Brightest Day" #24

DC Comics has released a preview of "Brightest Day" #24, the final issue of the year-long bi-weekly series written by Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi. Questions are answered and fates are revealed, today!

Eric Martsolf on Becoming

Eric Martsolf on Becoming "Smallville's" Booster Gold

Incoming Booster Gold Eric Martsolf tells CBR how he and Tom Welling explored the time traveler's psyche, how Geoff Johns connected Booster to Superman's mythology and how he once played the Green Goblin.


PREVIEW: "Green Lantern" #65

DC Comics has released a preview of "Green Lantern" #65, the latest chapter in the "War of the Green Lanterns" by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke. The issue hits April 20.


REVIEW: "The Flash" #10

Greg McElhatton gives "The Flash" #10 3.5 stars, saying of Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul's "Flashpoint" lead-in tale, "the parts that work absolutely shine, and that makes it worth reading the comic, easily."

Bedard Enlists with

Bedard Enlists with "Green Lantern Corps"

Writer Tony Bedard talks to CBR News about the ongoing “War of the Green Lanterns,” what the crossover event means for the “Green Lantern Corps" and the problem with the color yellow.

EXCLUSIVE: Reis & Perez Cover

EXCLUSIVE: Reis & Perez Cover "Flashpoint" #1

Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert's "Flashpoint" #1 gets a Cyborg of Steel-centric variant cover thanks to Johns partners Ivan Reis and George Perez, and CBR News has your exclusive first look!

WC 11: Burnett talks

WC 11: Burnett talks "Emerald Knights"

Veteran writer Alan Burnett discusses the upcoming "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights," supervising scripts for DCU Animated Movies and the demise (and hopes for a resurrection) of an animated "Judas Contract."

DC Annnounces

DC Annnounces "War of The Green Lanterns Aftermath"

"Green Lantern Corps" writer Tony Bedard will team up with on the rise artist Miguel Sepulveda for a two-part follow-up to the current event full of GL infighting and fallout with July's "War of The Green Lanterns Aftermath."


PREVIEW: "Brightest Day" #23

DC Comics has released a preview of "Brightest Day" #23, the penultimate issue of the series written by Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi, The secrets of the forest, Firestorm vs. Deadman and more are revealed today!


WC11: "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights" World Premiere

An excited crowd filled the WonderCon ballroom as the "GL: Emerald Knights" animated feature received its world premiere, and producer Bruce Timm revealed the next two titles in DC's lineup


WC11: "Green Lantern" Movie Panel

WonderCon in San Francisco was "Green Lantern" central Friday evening as DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns took to the stage with stars Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively to show off new footage and discuss the upcoming feature film.

WC11: Green Lantern With Geoff Johns

WC11: Green Lantern With Geoff Johns

The CCO of DC Entertainment takes the stage in San Francisco as Geoff Johns talks Green Lantern at WonderCon digging into plans for the comic line in "War of the Green Lanterns" and unveiling his "Aquaman" artist.

DC Comics Unveils Cover to

DC Comics Unveils Cover to "Flashpoint" #3

Capping off the latest "Flashpoint Friday," DC Comics has unveilied Andy Kubert's cover for "Flashpoint" #3. The series, written by Geoff Johns with art by Kubert, is slated to debut on May 11.

WC11: Johns Goes to

WC11: Johns Goes to "War of The Green Lanterns"

CCO Geoff Johns spoke with CBR News to discuss the new "War of The Green Lanterns" event, the heart of Hal Jordan and how his views affect the character's upcoming big screen debut.

Flashpoint Friday Reveals New Character Designs

Flashpoint Friday Reveals New Character Designs

DC Comics continues their "Flashpoint Friday" tradition, kicking things off this week with a look at series artist Andy Kubert's design and notes for the event. UPDATED with the Canterbury Cricket!

"Smallville" Debuts Booster Gold And Blue Beetle

DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns prepares for a futuristic DCU onslaught to hit The CW's Superman drama as "Smallville" releases its first images of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle from April 22's episode.

Geoff Johns confirms

Geoff Johns confirms "Aquaman Series

Geoff Johns has confirmed news coming out of MegaCon that a new Aquaman series by him will launch later this year following the conclusion of "Brightest Day." ROBOT 6 has the details.


REVIEW: "Green Lantern" #64

Greg McElhatton gives "Green Lantern" #64 3.5 stars, calling the opening salvo of "War of the Green Lanterns," "a strong enough chapter on its own that I'll stick around to see what [Geoff] Johns and company have in store."

PREVIEW: Green Lantern

PREVIEW: Green Lantern" #64

DC Comics has released a look at "Green Lantern" #64, the first chapter of "War of the Green Lanterns" by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke. The long-awaited battle explodes in stores today, March 23!


REVIEW: "Brightest Day" #22

With Brightest Day heading closer to its finale, Doug Zawisza gives issue #22 4 stars, saying, "I’m still not certain what the end game is that is being played towards here, but I'm definitely along for the ride!"


PREVIEW: "Brightest Day" #22

DC Comics has released a 5-page preview from "Brightest Day" #22 by Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi with art by Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason and more. The saga of Firestorm takes the spotlight, today!

Johns Declares

Johns Declares "Sandman" TV Adaptation "Awake"

DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has publicly declared the "Sandman" TV project alive and well while promoting creator Neil Gaiman's involvement. SPINOFF has details.

"Flashpoint" Adds "Reverse Flash" And More

As part of its massive "Flashpoint Friday" promotion, DC Comics today announced eight mini series and four one-shots including "Reverse Flash," "Green Arrow Industries," "Grodd of War" and much, much more.


REVIEW: "Brightest Day" #21

Doug Zawisza gives "Brightest Day" #21 4 stars, saying Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason "let J’onn shine in a furious fashion that is atypical of the Manhunter from Mars."


REVIEW: "Green Lantern" #62

Doug Zawisza gives "Green Lantern" #62 4 stars, saying writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke present "the best battle Hal Jordan has fought in recent months" in the lead up to "War of the Green Lanterns."

Lee on the Beginning of

Lee on the Beginning of "DC Universe Online"

One month in and an army of characters later, CBR News spoke with Jim Lee about "DC Universe Online's" PC and PS3 launch, fan reaction, February's new content and how it all expands the DC brand.

DC Announces

DC Announces "Green Lantern" Comic Prequels

The screenwriters of the incoming Ryan Reynolds actioner will team with Geoff Johns and DC's "Green Lantern" team for five comic prequels to the film shipping day-and-date with digital a month before the movie opens.