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"Green Lantern" Cast & Crew on Prosthetics & Power Rings

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment will release "Green Lantern" in theaters on June 17, but first the cast and crew spoke with CBR and the press about their experiences making the film.


SPINOFF REVIEW: "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides"

SPINOFF finds that while "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" makes a few missteps, it's overall a worthwhile and welcome return for the Johnny Depp powered Disney franchise.

Michael Clarke Duncan to Voice

Michael Clarke Duncan to Voice "Green Lantern's" Kilowog

Michael Clarke Duncan is reportedly in final talks to voice the alien Green Lantern Kilowog in Warner Bros. summer tentpole film, joining Geoffrey Rush as fellow alien GL Tomar-Re. SPINOFF has details.

SPINOFF: Geoffrey Rush Voicing

SPINOFF: Geoffrey Rush Voicing "Green Lantern's" Tomar-Re

Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush has been announced as voicing bird-beaked alien Tomar-Re in director Martin Campbell’s "Green Lantern." SPINOFF has details.